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An old Copper

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Bumpkin_Clumber | 01:53 Fri 30th Mar 2012 | Jokes
6 Answers
This joke is as old as me if not more,,,

An old copper, Pc Hardy, was on his beat one night when he saw Johnny cycling towards him, his front lamp was flashing on and off. Just as Pc Hardy was about to stop Johnny the light came on and stayed on. Pulling him over he said "Johnny you've got a faulty light there son"

Johnny replied, "I didnt notice cause of the street lights being so bright". Together they examined the lamp but couldnt get it to flash and so he was sent on his way.

The next night Pc Hardy was again plodding round his patch when he saw Johnny turn a corner in front of him and cycle away, this time his back lamp was faulty.

Catching up with him at the local chippie the out of breath Pc Hardy remonstrated with Johnny. Johnny replied "Well it was ok when I started, lets try it now, I couldnt see it because it was behind me"

Like the front lamp the previous night the rear lamp worked as soon as it was swiched on so Johnny was sent home with his 6 pennorth of chips (2-1/2 pence).

The third night Pc Hardy made up his mind to keep an eye out for Johnny, sure that something fishy was going on. Sure enough Johnny comes down the road on his way to the pub to get his Dad his nightly Black & Tan in the jug in his basket.

Nothing seemed amiss that night but Pc Hardy decided to have a word anyway.
"Johnny" he said, "Johnny, these last two nights I've stopped you because you had faulty bike lamps but tonight they seem to be working allright, what have you done, mended them ?

"I haven't done anything to them Mr Hardy, it must be because God is with me".

"Gotcha then" shouts Pc Hardy gleefully,

"I've gotcha haven't I, you've just admitted it ----->

Two on a Bike lad, two on a bike"


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Chuckle, chuckle. Well it is original bumpkin. I haven't heard it before.
08:33 Fri 30th Mar 2012
Question Author
At which point I think it's time beat a hasty retreat and say good night one and all
Chuckle, chuckle. Well it is original bumpkin. I haven't heard it before.
I had not not heard it either lol
The old ones are the best!
Well I quite liked the story and the image it conjured up, so it's a.......:o) from me. <thumbs up>

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An old Copper

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