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Driving only for the rich?

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anotheoldgit | 16:05 Fri 25th Feb 2011 | News
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/// CARS could soon become a preserve of the rich with petrol prices set to rocket to £8 a gallon, motoring organisations warned last night. ///

£8 a gallon, how much will petrol have to cost before you give up your car?

Will we see 4X4s reach rock bottom in price, on the second hand market?

Will there be an increase in petrol theft, with people storing large amounts of petrol in garages and out-houses?

Apart from switching to electric vehicles, what other implications can you foresee?


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Most of what we see in shops will increase in price, since almost everything has to be transported on a tank of diesel or petrol. Maybe the few who can afford to put petrol in their cars won't be able to afford to buy anything when they get to the shops. The car parks might be quieter, though.
it would make my journey to work quicker.
Might encourage people to shop more locally.
I hope the petrol price increases bring the demise of the urban Chelsea Tractor. Many people could do without cars if they really had to. If I was to lose my licence tomorrow, I would have to. I was brought up in a rural area with a bus stop that was a mile away down a dark, unlit lane but survived before I got my driving licence.
there would be more hand carwash outlets popping up on abandoned petrol forecourts
Driving only for the rich?

What like plumbers ;-)
Electric vehicles don't seem to be a realistic option at the moment. I believe that producing/storing the electricity in the car is a problem. If petrol prices really do go through the roof, we can't all just switch to electric cars overnight.
to be fair you could, provided you put it on charge early enough and don't use the headlights.
I wish people would stop moaning about the price of petrol and diesel. Fuel will continue to increase in price - get used to it and get over it.
but you can't shove it in your pipe and smoke it.

if you want to keep your eyebrows that is.
why use petrol ^^^^
Above £8 a gallon and my vehicles will be fitted with shafts and become oxen-powered ...

I ain't kidding.
Set yourself up as a smallholder, categorise yourself as a farmer and use red diesel. If that is impossible use car sharing or maybe even car pooling which significantly reduces the cost of motoring.

You would think the high price of fuel would deter many drivers but it seems there are just as many clogging up the roads and cities as before.

I believe there are even riots in Saudi because of the high cost of petrol.
well comparatively speaking, in saudi its about 53 pence a gallon compared to around a fiver here. theirs has increased by 30% in 3 years, whereas ours has decreased by around 8% in the same time following an initial large increase in 2007/8.
Makes me wonder if the price of Bicycles might go up, as a result.
Everything is relative. In one of my local pubs Stella Artois is £26/gallon.
I signed up on a car sharing website for my journey to uni rov; no-one was ever interested :o(
Have had to beg lifts and use public transport for the last 2 weeks because my car's been off the road; it's been a nightmare! What would usually take me ten minutes in the car takes 30-40 on the bus and bus seems to turn up anywhere between 3 minutes before and 10 minutes after when it's supposed to meaning I once very nearly missed it and the next time was waiting getting on for 15 minutes at the bus stop. The cost of petrol; although ridiculous, I doubt will be enough to make me give up driving!
I am amazed at the number of people who bleat about the price of fuel, yet tear down the motorway at 80 mph plus, drive so close to the car in front that the have to brake every two minutes. These eat fuel, and generally don't you to your destination any quicker.

Yes, fuel is expensive. It isn't going to get any cheaper, so perhaps we need to change our driving habits.
"I am amazed at the number of people who bleat about the price of fuel, yet tear down the motorway at 80 mph plus, drive so close to the car in front that the have to brake every two minutes."

Just curious - how d'you know they're the same people?

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Driving only for the rich?

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