why is it that whenever smoking comes up..

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R1Geezer | 11:30 Fri 04th Feb 2011 | News
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some numpty always says - "if everyone gave up today where would the government get the tax revenue from" - When it's patently obvious that smoking costs gazillions more than it brings in?


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No need though Geezer..!

House fires due to often does that happen now?
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smoking accounts for more than 23,000 residential fires in a year nationwide.
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spock you were like a broken record I was merely pointing out that there are much greater cosrts that the health ones. You seem incapable of acknowledging or accepting that and choose to ignore it because it flattens your argument.
Andy > cannot believe that a justification for continuing sale and use of a product that, if used for its intended purpose, may well contribute to your ill health, and possible death - is the tax revenues it produces. <

I have said this about Alcohol i think everyone on this site must know somebody who has missed work from one drink too many. Monday morning sicklist used to be checked to see the same names on a regular basis. The smokers may have a bad chest once a year after a cold but you could spot the drinkers a mile away.

Would you not agree andy.
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23000 fires attributed to smoking, 720 deaths. How much is that adding to your home insurance then?
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Don't discourage the bikers, Spocky, we need the organs.
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Why start this thread when you have 100 posts on your last one are you not getting the answers you hoped for.
DeadEndStreet - I would agree, and would have alcohol banned tomorrow if possible - but that is another debate.
christ on a bike andy, are you a puritan ?
Andy two things i can guarantee you will do in your lifetime on this planet

Pay Tax and Die what happens in-between make the most of :)
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this is an entirely different question, deadend, have go at answering it eh!
The arument is irrelevant

The Country is not a company with the sole aim of raising as much money as possible (despite what some here seem to think)

If it were they'd simply legalise dope and tax the heck out of it.

But if we insist then it's a complex question and depends what you include and exclude.

I suspect the cost for terminal care is pretty similar whether it's a 50 year old with lung cancer or a 90 year old with Parkinsons .

The question is whether or how you account for lost productivity to the economy from illnesses associated with smoking. That obviously costs the country money.

But similar arguments apply to alcohol and people tend not to take days off work with a smoking hangover.

One of those questions that you can get whatever answer you like depending on how you phrase the question
Well R1Geezer i will gladly answer your question unlike you who has seen fit to not go back to your last thread.

If everyone who smokes stopped today the Government of this country would be faced with trying to find several billion pounds from lost tax on cig sales.

They would still have to treat those who have smoking related problems.

They would have no other option but to put up income tax for everyone in this country.

You don't need to be a genius to know that they would be short of funds.
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In the short term yes, there would be a hole but it wouldn''t take long before that hold was filled.
the tax content of a standard packet of fags is about 78% isn't it ?
Ankou - where alcohol is concerned, my view is about three feet to the right of Atilla the Hun!

I think it is an insidious nasty drug that has wormed its way into our culture in a way that would not be permitted were it to be discovered today.

I know my opinion is in the minority, and stands no chance of ever happening, but it is still my view. i think alcohol does far more harm that good, and the world would be a better place without it.

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why is it that whenever smoking comes up..

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