AOG - Who do you support - Who do you rant against

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Davethedog | 16:09 Fri 28th Jan 2011 | News
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Hi this story speaks for itself

I only post it because for AOG its totaly catch 22, condem one support the other.


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He beat you to it...............sort of...............
Question Author
Doh :-)
cue: 'nobody loves me' post.
Perhaps they were advocating the execution of gay pigs?

In Katy, (home of Miss Zellweiger) just outside Houston, there were plans to build a Mosque to the diconcertation of the locals. A farmer with land adjacent started running pig racing meets.......
What does it matter who he "supports" or "rants against" ? Sounds like you're the one having a rant because another poster might actually hold views which you disapprove of? Is that it? Must be, otherwise.....why bother?
I love tea and I love milk. But I can't abide milky tea - it makes me nauseous...
Wrong thread - sorry...
Prefer coffee myself, Mark, milky yet strong is best :)

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AOG - Who do you support - Who do you rant against

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