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Why the news block?

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anotheoldgit | 13:13 Sat 13th Nov 2010 | News
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Although this subject has been discussed on more than one thread, I am going to take the opportunity on this remembrance week-end, to somehow conduct a closing enquiry on the disgusting episode of approximately 35 Muslims (not 12 as Gromit would like us to believe) burning poppies and disrupting the respectful 2 minutes silence.

Some sections of the media chose not to mention it, politicians made no comment and one late night radio show presenter, when reading the next mornings newspaper headlines came to the Daily Express, and said "well we won't bother with that one". now the reason for this was the fact that on that particular morning, the headline of the Daily Express was regarding the poppy burning.



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Reading through all the various posts on Answerbank, the majority instead of condemning these traitors actions, made excuses or branched off at tangents, anything to somehow divert away from this national insult.

This one from Gromit was typical, /// and I'm sure burning the Koran would upset them, unfortunately you would also offend 1,599,988 Muslims who made no offensive gestures today ///.

Well tough I say, think about your own country men for a change Gromit, were not many more loyal British subjects also offended by this slur on our historic Remembrance Day period?

These questions has still not been asked why the Force's charities, the news stations etc, have not come forward and condemned this affair?

Would the media had been so quiet, had the far right committed an identical protest?
They are not giving them the attention they crave.
A small group with a need for publicity pull a stunt to attract the media. Hardly big news, is it?
I agree, it's like feeding the trolls on an enormous scale.
What else do you want us to say, AOG? Perhaps the Press are deliberately playing it down, so as not to cause further distress over an already-emotional weekend for many of us. If there is no publicity the perpetrators don't gain anything apart from in a small local area. Nobody would have known about the Koran-burning pastor in the States if the international press hadn't picked it up. So - 36 misguided and ill-intentioned folk did this. Most people here and anyone else who's commented on it have treated it with the contempt it deserves, and let it drop.
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35 small group no big news or 1 man hits the headlines round the world for days

Good link DrF, but there has been very little heard of the pastor since the news died down, either - but it caused huge problems because it was blazoned all across the headlines.
that is why i posted it, if i went in the centre of manchester today and burnt a copy of the koran i would be arrested.
As you might if you burnt a copy of The Bible?

But it's not the Bible we're discussing, it's a symbol of a poppy.

Nevertheless, totally agree that those who burnt it, and shouted those awful things should somehow be punished.
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my guess is that the protesters alerted the media to their plans before it happened, otherwise the reporters and photographers wouldn't have been there (they don't just wander the streets of Kensington looking for something to happen). Some media outlets prefer not to have people like this dictate their news judgments, and will simply ignore them. Others don't mind being manipulated because they can seize on such events as a way to promote their own anti-Muslim agenda.
So it was 35 and not 12. Don't see what difference it makes. It's all about getting your message across and staying within the law, they knew their poppy burning antics would do that.

AOG, the fact that you and others are still jumping up and down in disgust, just proves the point!

Far fro a news block, it was all over the papers, which is why we were talking about it.
My generous estimate of 12 was based on the pictures published in the holy Daily Mail (see below)

I can see 10 or 12 idiots, I can not see 35. But if 25 had urgently needed to go to the toilet when the photograph was taken, it is still an insignificant number. 12 or 35, out of 1,600,000 plus muslims in this country is not all muslims.
200 people stormed the Tory HQ. Does that mean you, AOG, should be blamed for that?

Congratualtions on the selective editing of my post, your years of reading the Mail have taught you well in misrepresenting the facts.
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Groundhog Day.
The removed posts above were from LucyThomas, and the called me a T W A T. Unfortunately someone removed them. I prefer such posts to stay, so that people can make their own judgements.
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