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kinell | 09:50 Mon 04th Oct 2010 | News
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good of the indians not to inflict too much of this event on us during peak viewing times

the games start today and end on thursday 14th and so only one weekend of viewing will be interrupted

if i recall the olympics had the opening ceremony on a friday and so made full use of the weekend periods for viewers who had an interest

good of the organisers to take the opportunity to cut out a whole weekend

at least the indians have got something right about these games


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Although I am not interested in the games themselves I was looking forward to the opening ceremony, so I sat down to watch at the advertised time of 2-000pm.

But of course the BBC had to have the obligatory settee perched on which were three athletes, these three were interviewed with much merriment and the usual flashbacks of archive footage of their successes.This took up the first 30 minutes.

Was this at all necessary? I don't know how much these three were paid plus the interviewer, but a total waste of licence fee payers cash, I would have thought.

Regarding the ceremony that India put on, it was absolutely amazing and a real credit to them, after all the bad press they had beforehand. If we can match this come the Olympic Games, we should be more than happy.
I agree aog that first 30 odd minutes was a total waste of time. It was advertised as The Ceremony 2pm . but when you think about it ,this happens all the time especially in sport.
Sometimes the event doesn't happen until a hour later.
There are plenty of channles now for people like me who are not interested. Plus many people have recording facilies or iPlayer or whatever if they cant see it live.

I dont really see your beef ?

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cw games

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