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Raoul Moat Manhunt: (Dead or Alive?)

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OrcadianOil | 14:57 Tue 06th Jul 2010 | News
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The (literally ongoing) manhunt in Northumbria for alleged killer Raoul Moat looks like it might be coming to a conclusion in the near future?
Would it be better if this guy walks into custody or is taken away in a body bag? Similar overtones here to Whitehaven, Cumbria last month where Derrick Bird went on the rampage.

Even if banged up for, say, 20 years, how could an avowed and vengeful killer who has sworn to kill Police Officers ever be successfully rehabilitated? Why should society pay for his food and board for the rest of his "natural"?

Should we go down the line of the mealy mouthed, muesli munching, bare toed sandal merchants who would undoubtedly see something good in him, or should the Police today adopt the "Rooster Cogburn"(western film) approach upon discovering his whereabouts of "Fill yer hand, ya sonovab!tch"?, and go at him all guns blazing? It might do society a big, big favour?

I'll leave it to you other barrack room lawyers on here to discuss.

Derrick Bird


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shoot to kill would be my policy....
Shoot him, which is what he wants, and save the taxpayers' money keeping him in custody for the next decade or so...
shoot him, and let's hope he doesn't take anyone with him
one less bit of vermin to keep!
if he doesn't kill himself I suspect it will be suicide by cop....
But to cage him would be against his human rights! Let him run free I say ;-)
I wouldn't hesitate pulling the trigger rowan
I love the way you advocate shooting him down in a hail of bullets but so carefully use the word "alleged"

Is missing out the trial and skipping straight to the (death) sentence your policy for all alleged criminals?
i just posted a thread (Sky News) pointing out that the huint is actually going on in Northumberland - Northumbria was a medieval English kingdom
I would prefer a non violent solution a fair trial and a court to decide a punishment,,,, but just don't see it happening here
This man is reportedly addicted to steriods, he has also got links with the underworld, and thinks himself a hard case. Which he defo is. Shoot to kill should be the Police policy. I read that he has something against the Police because he believed that his gf was seeing a Policeman while he was banged up in prison. Whatever, he is of no use to society as he is. But we are keeping the likes of Peter Sutcliffe alive, thanks to the meusli munchers.
Dickie I live where it all started, it has moved to rural Northumberland now, more scary, there are kids holed up in the schools probably terrified for their lives
JTP, don't take everything as so bloody literal..
of cause you couldn't shoot to kill him, doesn't stop me wishing tho!
I don't understand the serial killer and the Fame hungry psychopaths don't they realize that real life isn't a film and their blaze of glory will be forgotten withing a couple of months (Except by the victims)
Yes bobbisox it is a nightmare for the children in Rothbury schools, although someone has just said that this is the safest place for them as they are protected by armed police. I know Rothbury pretty well and it is a small village but with lots of farm land and buildings surrounding.

Personally I hope they 'take him out'.
Lots of blues & twos activity there - perhaps a development
Question Author
Yet again getting the wrong end of the stick? I'm simply playing Devil's Advocate and putting the options out into the AB domain, that's all.
There are clearly people out there who would go down the "muesli muncher" route, then again there are those who would prefer the "Rooster Cogburn" approach.
So, forgive me for just being human, won't you?

And as for "missing out the trial and skipping straight to the (death) sentence", that is a gross misconception of my thread. Different people have different views on different things - I'm no "different".
So I take it we've a few on here who'd volunteer to be executioner if capital punishment was brought back then?
are you always so black and white jtp?
errrm no, thats me, being a Geordie..innit?
I'm black and white ?!!?

That's a good one Bobbi!!

"I wouldn't hesitate pulling the trigger rowan "

"one less bit of vermin to keep! "

So many nuances and subtlties there!
and I stand by that, I don't want to keep the bugger in the luxury we call jail, but alas, I can't do that...shame !
No JtP that is a non-seqitur. This bloke has told police that he has it in for them and he will not stop until he dies - therefore surely he will be given very little opportunity to come quietly. Under these 'him or me' circumstances I'd rather he was despatched with no further loss of life.

This is a world away from the process of capital punishment.

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Raoul Moat Manhunt: (Dead or Alive?)

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