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Raoul Moat Manhunt: (Dead or Alive?)

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OrcadianOil | 14:57 Tue 06th Jul 2010 | News
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The (literally ongoing) manhunt in Northumbria for alleged killer Raoul Moat looks like it might be coming to a conclusion in the near future?
Would it be better if this guy walks into custody or is taken away in a body bag? Similar overtones here to Whitehaven, Cumbria last month where Derrick Bird went on the rampage.

Even if banged up for, say, 20 years, how could an avowed and vengeful killer who has sworn to kill Police Officers ever be successfully rehabilitated? Why should society pay for his food and board for the rest of his "natural"?

Should we go down the line of the mealy mouthed, muesli munching, bare toed sandal merchants who would undoubtedly see something good in him, or should the Police today adopt the "Rooster Cogburn"(western film) approach upon discovering his whereabouts of "Fill yer hand, ya sonovab!tch"?, and go at him all guns blazing? It might do society a big, big favour?

I'll leave it to you other barrack room lawyers on here to discuss.

Derrick Bird


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He's threatening to kill any police who get in his way so do we wait until he's got bored with that and then give him a fair trial???

Nope, shoot the b@$t@rd on sight

Proper justice for the dead and injured then.......and it saves thousands of pounds of taxpayers money on trial/prison sentence
I think joeluke is absolutely right - why should we waste our taxpayers money on people like this?

I've got an even better idea. I'm going to campaign to have his children starved to death before they reach adulthood - after all, it's all in the genes isn't it?
It's just been on the national news that Rothbury is now sealed off and encircled - it must be absolutely terrifying for the people who live there, if they are trapped in their homes.
Glad you agree with me there andy, the kids thing is rather unnecessary though
This is a death penalty debate in all but name.

The problem with the death penalty, as I'm sure you all know, is that occasionally and inevitably someone will be tried and convicted of a crime punishable by death for which they are entirely innocent.

On that basis, I couldn't ever (if I got the chance) vote for the death penalty. To me, just one innocent person being killed for something they had no hand in is one person too many.

However, this situation, like the very recent murderous rampage by Derrick Bird, is a very different kettle of fish. Raoul Moat's guilt is unequivocal. Of that there is absolutely no question. In a situation like this I would suggest that the police shoot the guy on sight and if he survives, ask questions later. If he doesn't survive... so what?

It's obvious that Moat wants to be killed by the police. The dilemma is – should the police give him what he wants or deny him the 'easy option'?

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Raoul Moat Manhunt: (Dead or Alive?)

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