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Silly question, but why is cheryl coles health in the news?

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piggynose | 10:53 Tue 06th Jul 2010 | News
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she has malaria, so what?


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Did she take her tablets, or did she think she was above all that?
no date Vibra?

you will have to make do with olives.
yesterday when no-one knew she had malaria its was front page news she had fainted
when U2 pulled out of Glastonbury it made the news. If Coles is going to be cancelling shows I suppose it's reasonable to let people know.

Contracting malaria is a serious business; it never leaves your system and can cause recurring illness all your life. Sadly it kills lots of people, especially children, in the third world where they can't access adequate treatment.

I don't understand how this can happen if you take one of the prescribed drugs. Some do need to be taken for a while in advance of travelling, if she was 'whisked away' for a romantic surprise maybe this didn't happen.

malaria changes its habits and builds up resistance, which is why you don't take the same antimalarials as you did 40 years ago. So she might have taken pills and still caught it.
Quite right piggy, can't imagine what all the fuss is about but I suppose it's just part of the media hype around celebs. Now if they'd done a story about malaria in general that would probably have been quite interesting. Ah well, yet another good reason why I don't buy newspapers any more!
Its called a celebraty obsessed country.
vibes i'm free tonight, i'll bring the marmite

although i have seen a few articles about malaria, presumably prompted by this
Not sure jno,

I last went to east africa in 2006 and i believe the two or three options drug wise were all supposed to give total protection. We used Malarone.

On a previous trip, Mrs Zeuhl had started with a different drug that affected her balance. If I remember right, the only risky option was high-dose antibiotics sometimes chosen by people with intolerance to the main drugs.
its a wonder all these ''stars'' havent got all the stds known to man with all the people they sleep with never mind malaria....
have a look at this, Zeuhl

Before malarone came into use, as I recall, some people took lariam; this unfortunately caused occasional psychotic episodes, so is only prescribed with great care.
Because a vast number of people live their lives though the lives of these "celebrities", acting as though they were best friends, when in reality all these "celebrities" care about is the sales of the tedium of trheir lives in magazines and TV channels like Living.
Bring back DDT.

Did you say Cheryl Cole*? Sorry, I take that back.

* Cheryl Cole, noun; 1) entirely manufactured product (eg. “I like those Kraft cheese slices – they're totally Cheryl”); 2) talentless; 3) conviction for actual bodily harm (eg. “Shut it you ***! Or I'll do something that I might regret and end up with a Cheryl”)

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Silly question, but why is cheryl coles health in the news?

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