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Are You Left Or The Right?

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AB Editor | 13:55 Thu 24th Jun 2010 | News
37 Answers

There has been some discussion between those in the news section as to which way the majority of AB "swings". To provide a little clarity I would like everyone to say which side of the fence they sit - in their own opinion. I do realise this a blunt measurement - but it is a good starting point!


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Which way do you swing?

  • "Left" - 26 votes
  • 38%
  • "Right" - 22 votes
  • 32%
  • "Centre" - 20 votes
  • 29%

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i swing teutonically
Right of centre as a rule, but left of centre on some things, far right on some things and far left on some things.
True to your name flip flop?

Parties to win power need to be in the centre to attract votes. That's why Labour tried to re-invent itself as New Labour. This was OK while Blair was in power as he is really a closet Tory and mnay of his policies reflected this and his personal life exposed it. When Brown took over he resented the term and tried to revert back to just Labour and his policies took on the leftish agenda.

The Tories under Cameron have also given the appearance of being centrist but from time to time you suspect they are itching to revert back to their roots. This is very evident when they get the Liberals to do the dirty work and so to take the blame. We may see their true intentions of the Tory Party nearer to the next election when the division has to occur with the Liberals.
" I am probably a lefty/centrist"

Spare Ed - what do you see as the "lefty" bit of your budget ?
I dress to the left and also vote similarly
I feel the centre vote is suspect because it depends on the subject . It requires at least two more categories. Left of Centre and Right of Centre.

Judging by the Qs & As in AB News , Left of Left and Right of Right would also be appropriate but maybe thats going too far.
I love to swing!
Agreed old Dutch there's nothing left or centerist abouk a huge hike in VAT, abolishing income tax bands and a massive hike in the CGT allowance.

Seems to me there are a lot of right wingers about that are kidding themselves - they're centrists because they're not AOG
Question Author
Maybe my budget isn't very lefty actually. I still think it is fairer. I also don't believe that the public sector should be paying for a mess made entirely by the private sector.

Currently we here a lot rhetoric which seems to lay the blame of a housing boom/bust at the feet of those who didn't benefit from it, or sometimes, weren't even part of it.

I believe I am "socially liberal" however. I think one important role for government is to try and help those who have been unlucky.

Spare Ed
an hour on here is cheaper than therapy
and you get to interact with other crazy people!

"My budget would have..... VAT.... raised..... to 30% . I would probably abolish income tax bands and instead create a single level for everyone, maybe 25-30%"

Spare Ed

your suggested budget measures cited above would create disproportionate hardship for below average earners, state pensioners and the unemployed. It would create greater disparity between the better off and the less well off - would you be prepared to change or eliminate your regressive measures to produce greater fairness - and, if so, how would you do it ?

At the moment your political tag might be seen as righty/centrist ?
whats the difference between left and right ?
Why - does it make any difference? we can tell from people's posts which way they look at things, and i have different views about different topics. Not sure what purpose this survey will serve, what outcome do you expect and what are you thinking of doing with it?
well i was labour till bnp came along so am i right, centre, or left ?

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Are You Left Or The Right?

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