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Bonuses for Network Rail bosses

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Nosha123 | 13:02 Thu 24th Jun 2010 | News
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so.. this chap gets a 53% payrise versus last year....

assuming that he has performed 53% better than he did last year.. would the same rules apply to those lower down the 'food chain'...

remind me again why the rail workers are going on strike again? was it more money they wanted???

just disgusting that this goes on in senior management during a recession... when rail workers have caused commuters misery by striking and ticket prices shoot up yet service is no better...


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I always knew I was in the wrong job!!!
No wonder it costs about £1000 for a rail ticket from the Kyle of Lockalsh (Scotland) to Plymouth.

Why can't they emulate the Chairman of Nationwide BS who has refused his huge bonus 2 years in succession.

I more than agree with Bob "RMT" Crow "It is nothing short of a national scandal"

Not interested in what Coucher & Cos contracts say

These creatures are not part of the human race and like the F****** Greedy bankers they should all be strung up by their collaterals and left to rot in darkest deepest Hell for all eternity and longer.

In this age of austerity for us wee humans, we are having to pay an obscene price for these obscene outsize Aliens who mock us with their laughing dancing avarice.
Network Rail is funded by the taxpayer.

Cameron says we're all in this together. Yeah right!

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Bonuses for Network Rail bosses

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