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Frankie Boyle, .... how desparate for laughs can he be?

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R1Geezer | 15:44 Fri 09th Apr 2010 | News
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Now I can't see how he's even considered to be remotely amusing but really is he so desparate for laughs that he mocks to disabled?


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She took a 5 year old to see Frankie Boyle. Is she abit slow or something?
i would be interested to know how many people laughed at this sketch.

you don't go to see frankie boyle to hear mother in law jokes.
She knew before she went what sort of humour Frankie uses. I bet she laughed when he was mocking all other groups but chose to be offended when it hit closer to home. I have a disabled child but I still would have laughed at his jokes.

Frankie Boyle for Prime Minister!
You don't go to see Frankie unless you're prepared to be shocked at what he comes out with.......
exactly. you expect to be offended by something he says.
Gromit, she did not take her 5 year old.
And buying front row tickets is taking your life in your hands, anyway...............
Would these two answers have been different, had he insulted a black person?
Not sure about this.
R1, its a freee country (well was before the noo labour onslaught) so I believe he can tell whatever jokes he likes. It is up to the indivdual to vote with their feet on wya or another.

Problemn is I bet if it was a muslim joke Plod would have piled in.

I too have a disabled child but I dont belief banning things changes peoples attitude, you need to educate.
There were only two answers when I posted, I see now there are others with the same sentiments, so I include those also.
Frankie Boyle is a very divisive performer; i.e. he polarises opinion.
In the main, I enjoyed his contributions on 'Mock the Week', however, I wouldn't go and see him live. I think I would feel uncomfortable with a lot of his jokes.

I certainly wouldn't buy front row tickets for this type of performance, you might as well stick a bulls-eye target on your head.............
I think no subject, including muslims, black people, scots, poles, and Kerry Katona have been ignored by Frankie...........
Mocking the disabled is one thing.......sometimes quite amusing........mocking a child with Down's Syndrome, may show lack of taste, but probably acceptable.
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see here:

i remember similar "outrage" at the shannon matthews and madelieine mccann jokes he did, which paled in comparison to the views of them on answerbank.
AOG did Frankie Boyle state that he was referring to white kids with down's syndrome?

you are aware black people have down syndrome kids are you not?

Playing the race card so soon?

popular because of his ability to shock, is his comedic material not good enough then?

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Frankie Boyle, .... how desparate for laughs can he be?

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