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Frankie Boyle, .... how desparate for laughs can he be?

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R1Geezer | 15:44 Fri 09th Apr 2010 | News
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Now I can't see how he's even considered to be remotely amusing but really is he so desparate for laughs that he mocks to disabled?


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Wharf makes an alarmingly good point there.

If this were any other minority, wouldn't you be shouting "PC gone mad? Can't you take a joke?"

I'll be interested to hear where you think that PC should stop, especially seeing as disability isn't race, gender or sexual orientation specific.

(Stands back whilst the dailymailers tie themselves up in knots trying to explain that one).
Bring back repeats of Bernard Manning, followed closely behind by live Jim Davison.

That's a different kettle of fish now, isn't it?
Are you having difficulty understanding what this thread is about AOG?
"One of the kindest things you can say about Jim Davidson as a fellow comedian is he's not a performer who's troubled by the possibility of duality of meaning."
Yes I know perfectly well what this thread is about Orson_Carte.

It is about some sick individuals who seem to think that a "Comedian" (I use that term loosely) that pokes fun at a Down's syndrome child, is somehow funny, and yet these same individuals would equally condemn the likes of Bernard Manning and Jim Davison.

If we are to have "no holds barred" comedy, then no subject should be banned.
i don't think anyone said that his jokes about down syndromes were funny.

likewise, noone has said that anything by bernard manning or jim davidson was ever funny.
She is quoted in the Mail as saying:-

"I expected dry, nasty, crude humour, yes, but unimaginative humour poking fun at the stereotype of people with Down syndrome was not something that I expected"

Wonder if he'd chosen a different disability to make fun of whether she would have been offended at all seeing as she was expecting him to be nasty about other subjects/people.
She got what she expected then - I don't like him at all but each to their own - I don't find him funny at all. I think he's crude and inappropriate, so I wouldn't go and see him - but it's no secret what sort of humour youu'd experience. If it wasn't this disabled group it would be another or some other minority he'd pick on, and I've seen him on TV laying into Susan Boyle with particular venom. Not funny.

Mr Boyle didn't ridicule a disabled child. He made jokes about Downs Syndrome, and the woman in the audience has a child with Downs Syndrome.

Tell me - which members of society ate beyond the pale when it comes to comedy?

Blacks? Muslims? The elderly? Those suffering from mental handicaps?

Difficult eh?
Its dark humour, get over it. he doesn't actually subscribe to these views.
Humour is a very personal thing. I have a relative who has cerebral palsy and I tend not to find jokes specifically about it funny but I don't think it is practical to ban them. Where would it end?

Is this funny?
Scotman - don't know if you saw the first series of 'Extras', but there's a stand up comic with cerebal palsy?

It's quite magnificent. It shows you CAN make jokes about CP (or rather our prejudices).

I think that's what upsets the dailymailers - they're stuck with dead 70s comics and don't understand how much the world has moved on.

For then, Bernard Manning is as funny as Peter Kay is for younger (better educated) people
"I expected dry, nasty, crude humour, yes, but unimaginative humour poking fun at the stereotype of people with Down's syndrome was not something that I expected."

This woman is an idiot. She can't have it both ways.

The joke about Rebecca Adlington which is quoted in the story, is inspired, and the joke he made about Princess Diana and the ludicrous concert in her honour was brilliant (paraphrasing) "if they wanted to honour her they should have chosen subjects closer to her heart and held a gang bang in a minefield" Brilliant.
I don't find him funny - there is no basis for his jokes except to poke fun and that in itself is not funny !
I find him hilarious....but I am the kind of person that laughs at everything....
AOG if you think that blacks are untouchable then you aint seen Sarah silverman!

Shes a little Jewish lady who tried to defend the jews by blamng it on..."the blacks"!!!

she is hilarious!

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Frankie Boyle, .... how desparate for laughs can he be?

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