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What is the most important issue for you at this General Election?

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AB Editor | 10:52 Fri 09th Apr 2010 | News
33 Answers

With the General Election looming and political parties begin trying to convince you in earnest that - yes, really, they're good people wishing to help you personally, or at very worst, better than that other lot - it is time to check the pulse of The AnswerBank and find out: What is the Number 1 issue for you this Election time.


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What is the most important issue for you in this General Election?

  • Immigration - 26 votes
  • 44%
  • The NHS - 10 votes
  • 17%
  • Jobs - 6 votes
  • 10%
  • Crime - 6 votes
  • 10%
  • MPs' Expenses - 2 votes
  • 3%
  • Electoral Reform - 2 votes
  • 3%
  • Europe - 2 votes
  • 3%
  • War - 2 votes
  • 3%
  • Education - 1 vote
  • 2%
  • Local Issues - 1 vote
  • 2%
  • Tax - 1 vote
  • 2%

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Hi Ed, to me those are all important issues. Anything which affects lives on a daily basis is important issues.
You cannot believe anything politicians say any more. They seem to rely on Uri Geller techniques to bend the truth. Sleight of hand to deliver all what people want to hear without tackling the real problem. This is especially true in financial matters or the immigration figures.
Question Author
I know Society, but which one really pushes you to vote one way or the other?

I think some of the Lib Dems are okay - I mean, who would bribe a Lib Dem? They, by their third-party nature, must be less corrupt!

Spare Ed
Question Author
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Spare Ed
Tackling poverty?

You also missed crime. Surely some people would base their vote on that?
I love how 'War' is an option.

I know it's meant quite innocently, but for a second it just made me imagine a section of the electorate who are mad aristocrats with big moustaches spending all their time in big map rooms pushing little flags across a table with long wooden rulers.
Question Author
Kromovaracun - This is exactly how I intend to spend my weekend actually!

Crime, quite correctly, has been missed out. I will see if I can edit.

All the best,

I think immigration is an important issue as it greatly impacts on several of the other topics.
Surely the natonal debt is the number one issue (and not even on the list).

While the other things are important, if the country goes bankrupt they all become almost irrelivant.
-- answer removed --
Much of the above, but primarily to get rid of this government.
Crime is no 1, any party that says it's going to punish criminals will get my vote.
That's because you're working

Anybody unemployed and looking for work who doesn't think jobs are the top issue?

There are 20,000 - 40,000 people likely to suddenly find jobs the top issue if Osbourne suddenly gets into No.11 !
well by the stats above, it looks like we will have the BNP in charge.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Oh dear vic, poll unexpected is it? that's democracy for you!
Not really Geezer - democracy involves asking the whole of the public not just a small subset.

I wish it were higher personally - UKIP aren't stealing the Labour vote
Jake, I can't believe an intelleigent guy like you is sticking with this Noo Labour con, my gast is flabbered.
Really - then perhaps you might want to consider that perhaps you might be - dare I beathe it? Mistaken?

That perhaps there is a chance that a massive cut in public spending at a critical time of recovery would push us back into recession - and actually increase public spending on unemployment whilst cutting the tax take.

Certainly 60 leading economists think that will happen - two of whom are Nobel prize winners

Still what do they know?
shouldn't we have 'nice man/woman' as an option ?

when i used to ask my granny why she voted for such and such, she would say "well he seems ever such a nice man".
i would vote for any politician that would promise to fix the ills of this country before trying to fix the world's ills.

One who would also promise to give our country back to us, and make it a country fit for our future generations to bring their families up in a safe, healthy and prosperous environment.

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