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Marriage an Outdated Concept ?

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modeller | 20:08 Tue 16th Mar 2010 | News
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It has been suggested that marriage is an outdated concept. What do you think ?

Do you think marriage an outdated concept?

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Do you think marriage an outdated concept?

  • No - 28 votes
  • 74%
  • Yes - 10 votes
  • 26%

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But surely the romance will live on whether there is a piece of paper in place or not?

Too all the people that have made it 50-60 years etc I honestly do think thats wonderful, but wouldnt you have made it there without the stupid piece of paper?
Everyone's forgetting one of the biggies as far as marriage goes...

Most women want "the day", so weddings themselves will never go out of fashion. Whether these marriages last is another question though.
Well I'm getting married later this year. I haven't done it before as I had doubts that it would be 'forever' with previous partners. I don't want a big day either so we're going off to do it on our own.
As someone who is married but, like ummmm, didn't have a 'big day'. I would say that probably if I hadn't actually had the piece of paper, I might not still be married, because life is just not a bed of roses and there have been times in the last 37 years when things have got tough. All sorts of things are thrown at you in any partnership often outside of your own relationship. This can put terrible pressures on you.

However, I still believe in marriage and that bit of paper because I realise now that I am part of a relationship that has endured despite of the downs and I am also glad for the sake of my child.

I think marriage has become unfashionable, but I think it will turn round, as things do, and it will become fashionable again. I mean 'marriage', not 'weddings'!
Dear All,

I have added a poll to this question.

All the best,

Spare Ed
Marriage is fine if it works and both spouses are happy, otherwise it can be nightmare.
Like being in jail.
I met my wife when she was thirteen and I seventeen we have been together ever since 39 years married and yes you do have to work at it but the rewards are immense my son who came along after many miscarriges takes his driving test today he is a wonderful son and is looking like he will marry his girlfriend this year life is wonderful in a commited marriage !!!!!!!!!
The problem I think is (obviously not in all cases) that it has become so normal for people to just live together that youngsters are going from relationship to relationship and living with quite a few people during the course of their young lives. They never learn to commit or to take responsibility, because marriage does tie you up legally. This can become a habit. If children are involved then it becomes quite serious in terms of their stability and development.

Marriage should be a serious commitment with the intention of it being for life. If marriages do break down and can't be saved then obviously I would never dream of saying that couples should stay together, but at least if a marriage breaks down it is not easy to get out of the relationship and makes people think a little harder whether they are doing the right thing.
Marriage is a really important institution in my view. Easy to get into and hard to get out off.
It'll be around as long as some want an event to mark their commitment; but it is a fairly pointless state of affairs. Some seem to muddle marriage with relationship and commitment. One can be in a committed partnership without wishing to sign any paper, and ought not be made to feel obliged to do so to please others. The relationship's history will be the same. And the ability to break the relationship no less difficult/easy. Still it gives an opportunity for the politicians to discriminate against one section of society I suppose. Have the cheek to claim to be supporting marriage, as if it should need support, by denying those who didn't sign up the same rights those that do are given. And finding supporters who think that is ok because one could have capitulated and married but chose not to, as if different treatment was ok. And then there are those who claim that the figures show marriage is more stable, without realising that non-married couples are of all sorts, with all sorts of aims. It is like comparing apples with fruit salad. The sooner society treats everyone equally, and allows those who want a 'knees up' to have one, and let those who don't, not bother, the better for us all.
I'm keeping the batting average up :-)
"Some interesting comments but not much said about children and how they fit into the concept of marriage. "

Exactly the same as they fit into the concept of a relationship that hasn't gone through a wedding.
I think not. It will be there forever but will be less popular in the years ahead.
I suspect that even before the dawn of 'organised religion' there was some sort of ceremony to mark the union of tribal members. Even if it was to demonstrate a 'keep your hands off' warning to ensure the heredity of children born of that union.

Naturally, once 'organised religion' got involved it got a whole lot more tangled.

And, finally, to make it even more complicated, of course, Politics needs to stick its piggy little nose in.........
Is modeller the new Ed?

Interesting though the results so far to this poll.

I would have thought that the figures would have been much closer, especially on this section.

But yes it is nice and refreshing to learn that the act of marriage is still popular in this age.
Ive been married to my misuss for 61 years and am proud of the wonderful marriage we have had. If only more young people believed in marriage and commitment I doubt we would have half of the problems we have.

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