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Noo Labour dead and finished ?

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youngmafbog | 10:30 Wed 17th Mar 2010 | News
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Who is now running Britain Unite or the labour party. It rather now looks like Unite.
13 Cabiniet members are in hock to Unite because they take its money for electioneering. this includes Brown, Balls, Johnson,Ainsworth, Milliband and Alexander. In all 169 Labour MP's and candidates belong to Unite.
So far in the last 3 years Unite has kept labour aflaot with 11 Million.
Now Unite is threatening to bring the coutnry to its knees.

I think now it really is Noo Labour RIP.


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I knew they would be bad for the country as soon as I saw Blairs gurning fake smile in '97 "You don't know what you're talking about!" cried everyone at work.
and if you know your history - which you obviously don't.

Why do so many people believe what the press say and then repeat it as truth.

BA is a private company. Why should the government interfere with this company and its workforce? What have BA done to remedy the situation since Christmas?

And there is more than one airline in this country.
This is the best argument for Political Parties to be state funded. Then they wouldn't have to beg from Billionaires from Belize or wealthy Unions.

To say Unite is threatening to bring the country to its knees is over egging the pudding. They are in a bitter dispute with BA. BA made an offer, then instantly withdrew it. If Unite balloted its members on BA's offer and it voted for it, BA have said it would not be accepted. Total madness.

Despite their millions to the Labour Party, rather than getting any help from the Government, Lord Adonis and Brown have critised the strike. The Government rather than bowing to Unite, will be putting pressure on them behind the scenes, as they do not want damaging strikes so near a General Election.

If new Labour are dead and finished, and then we get a hung parliament, does that make the Conservatives dead and finished also?
Presumably, the carnsorvatives (stupid ain't it?) win the next election, then a foreign-based billionaire (and well-known liar and renegade) will be running the country, as the entire party is in hock to him.
Labour have always been like a rebellious teenager. They'd love to do their own thing but their dad pays the bills so they have to kow tow or they won't get any money to spend on Brown ale and woodbines. They may look a bit more trendy these days but the reds are still under the bed!
Who pays the Tory parties bills then. If the reds are under the bed the than the facists are in the closet and the pay for the Champagne and Cigars.
The question was about Noo Labour.
Yes I am with you Youngmafbog on this one. It gets worse for the Labour Party and who is Charlie Whelan? Is he the one Labour MP's are afraid of? The one that those 169 MP's are weary of?
Typical utterly typical
So which is more democratic?

A political party funded by groups of people who belong to unions paying subscriptions and electing officials

Or Political parties funded by millionaire businessmen

I wonder if Murdoch is supporting Cameron out of the goodness of his heart?
Unite bringing the country to its knees? We're talking about some cabin crew in one airline, right? Get real.
Question Author
Seems some did not read the question. I'm not interested in the Tories on this one not BA dispute more whether or not New Labour has had its day.

There is a world of difference between the sums and the number of people involved if you are comparing the Tories and Labour, still most of Tory mony comes from small donations, the same cannot be said of current labour.

Unite are much more powerful than just the BA dispute by the way. Remove the blinkers from your eyes and answer my question please.
The labour party - No unite hasn't kept the labour party afloat - the union movement has.

And as I said if you knew your history which you don't you would realse that the labour party was born out of the union movement because the labour party once was the party of thw working man.

Happy now

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Noo Labour dead and finished ?

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