Standing idle as our troops continue to die.

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anotheoldgit | 15:56 Mon 10th Aug 2009 | News
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Why can't these vehicles be shipped out forthwith?

If we haven't the transport, why can't our less stretcher NATO members, give a help in hand?

After all we could be there for the next 40years.


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But Tory MP Patrick Mercer, who spent 25 years with the Sherwood Foresters regiment and now chairs the Commons counter-terrorism sub-committee, insists penny-pinching is to blame.

He raged: "This is outrageous. I have been talking to men who are out in Afghanistan. They are crying out for these armoured vehicles.

We'd have known about it long before now - and from the horse's mouth - not the news of the screws.

Well we've heard about it now, not exactly 'News of the Screws' as you suggest.
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You may find the more informed comments here of interest. ewtopic/p=2781848.html
Maybe the death of a soldier is less costly to the public purse than a state of the art armoured car?

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Standing idle as our troops continue to die.

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