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youngmafbog | 16:36 Mon 10th Aug 2009 | News
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The country is now being run by an unelected person. OK Broen is an unelected PM but at least he was voted by his constituency. Mandy however has no mandate whatsoever.

Just what has thsi country become under Noo labour?

Broke and a dictatorship ?


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Couldn't agree more, but the apathetic British people have allowed it all to happen, the same can be said for what was once a great country, but now alas, one dares hardly mention the word England.
Just what do you imagine he could get up to that

1 couldn't be blocked by the Civil Service/ Judiciary/ Police/ Armed Forces acting in their usual obstructive manner(s) and
2 couldn't be undone by the aforementioned Brown within 10 minutes of getting back home?

Since Parliament isn't sitting he can't pass any laws (not that one man ever could) and thankfully we retain the monarchy to which most people (still) swear allegiance. So your image of "running the country" is so limited as not to give me a moment's pause.
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Quite so dundurn.

But, notwithstanding his current period as temporarily in charge, Mandy is effectively dictating large areas of government policy and has a number of ministers (eleven, I think) reporting to him who cannot take any action without his say so.

This man has been thrown out of government twice. He has no mandate to run even a whelk stall on behalf of the British people but has been parachuted into a senior ministerial position by a Prime Minister desperately devoid of capable MPs.

It is a scandal, but as ano rightly says, apathy reigns supremely in this country. As long as people have enough money for a few lagers, a fortnight in Ibiza, and can raise a loan to buy a new jeep every couple of years, they are happy.

And doesn�t the government know it and take full advantage of it!
No real political business is done during MPs holidays.

Brown is still in charge, he is not on another planet, he is in Cumbria. They have telephones there and roads, and the county is even rumoured to have a broadband connection.

Mandelson is no more in charge than he when Brown goes to sleep at night.

As for all this claptrap rubbish about dictatorship, you clearly have no idea what one is.

Lord Willie Whitelaw was Maragret Thatchers Deputy Prime Minster and covered for her as Prime Minister.

The situation of a peer being given so much power is not unprecedented. A previous incumbant at Mandelson's job, the President of the Board of Trade & Secretary of State for Trade & Industry as it was then called was the similarly unelected Baron Young of Graffham.

Was Youngs' appointment undemocratic? Did he have no mandate? Was his appointment a step towards dictatorship? The people whingeing about Mandelson are just hypocrites and guilty of double standards.

Unelected Thatcher appointees included: Lord *********, Lord Hailsham, Lord Havers, Lord Mackay, Lord Soames, Baroness Young, Lord Belstead, Lord Carrington, Earl of Gowrie.

Maybe the apathy started in 1984 when Margaret Thatcher set a precedent by bringing in Lords to bolster up her lackluster bunch of elected members.
*********** = Lord C o c k field

You may be too young to remember when the Conservative Party installed an unelected Lord to be Prime Minster and run the country in 1963.

Lord Alec Douglas-Home. It would of course be preposterous to assert that we fell under a dictatorship then.
He is an EU stooge, the EU have what they need , they have Ken Clarke in the tories, both pro- EU stooges ready to sell us out completely when the chance and time arise.

didnt you find it strange when both these people suddenly came back in to such powerful and senior positions in their parties.

Mandy was running the country before Brown went on holiday, look at the bookies odds on him taking over as PM, and when labour get thrown out , no probs they then have the same situation but with the tories, with ken clarke sitting their wating to do their bidding.

Why would Ken Clarke sell us completely? Why would he do that? What is his motivation for doing that?

Do you not think he was brought in, just like Mandelson, to bolster a weak team?
Youngmafbog, Brown is an unelected Prime Minister in exactly the same way as Major was. The latter took over when Thatcher was ditched in November 1990 and there was no general election until April 1992...a year and a half of an 'unelected' Tory PM. If OK then, why not now?
Since universal suffrage, we British have never elected a Prime Minister.
Gromit "Brown is still in charge, he is not on another planet".

I'd certainly question that assertion.
whether Mandleson being in this position has a precedent or not isn't the problem.

A lot of people on the electoral roll in UK do not bother to vote anymore thus allowing politicians to think they can do what the chuff they like.

Somehow, voter apathy must be overcome so that MPs realise where they get their jobs from. Maybe it would be a good idea to make voting compulsory, although I realise this would end up with more than a few spoiled papers. IMHO it would be a good step forward to add another box to the ballot paper to allow a vote for 'none of the above'.

What this current bunch of MPs need is for everyone to go out and vote in the next general election for any other candidate of their choice other than the sitting MP.
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I'd forget about who was or wasn't elected, your right about this country, but not just yet, it started in 1997, and is continuing.

First we had Blair, who couldn't tell the difference between the truth and a lie.

Did away with Border Controls, why?.

Brought in Political Correctness, why?.

Brought in the Human Rights Act, why?.

Made us the most watched nation on this Earth (cctv) why?.

Brought in Postal Voting, why?.

Brought in Blunkets Bobbies, why?

All those things, and more, are about control, and attempting to make it so that Labour gets in every General Election.

Pretty soon we won't be a Democracy.
Yeah Loonie, the human rights act, what WAS he thinking.
'Bring back Lord North!', I say.
Must say it's a curious state of affairs.How did the government end up with Mandelson in charge? Did they plan it? Doesn't anyone check the diaries to make sure that the principals aren't on holiday at the same time? And what is the strange power that this reformed Young Communist (all right, we all grow up and learn) and later the chief spin doctor has over the elected leadership? Being able to run an election campaign does not qualify you to run a country.
We have a number of problems with our democratic process most of which are inherited - not many governments want to tinker with the system that elected them.

Consequently we have:

* Indirectly elected Prime Ministers

*An unelected house of Lords

* A system of voting that effectively disenfranchises people in a "safe seat"

* A head of State who inherited her position by birth

And for those of us living in Bercow's constituancy a gentlemens agreement not to put up candidates against him!

Of course none of these were devised Labour (although they had a crack at fixing the House of Lords) and I doubt Cameron would change them either!

Still I take it by your steadfast opposition to unelected power we can at least agree on the need to abolish the monarchy - nice to find at least some common ground

I notice you haven't contributed anything else to this thread, and if insults are all you can come up with, says a lot.

Like to tell me why you chose to insult me?.

Sincerest apologies for this youngmafbog.

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