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IVF on the NHS......

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R1Geezer | 15:48 Thu 06th Aug 2009 | News
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A lottery it seems but given that there is no shortage of people, should IVF be available free at all?
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no, IVF should not be given free of charge.

It really irritated me earlier when a couple said that they couldn't afford the �5000 to fund their next course.

How much do they think it costs to raise kids?

If you are desperate for kids then save up.

no, I dont think it should be free. I personally think there are enough children waiting in childrens homes who need a decent home and family.
No, it should not be free.

Having children is a lifestyle choice - I don't see why I should pay for somebody's lifestyle choice.

Neither should I have to pay for sex changes (or gender reassignment or realignment or whatever cobblers they are calling it these days) or tattoo removal or any other such fripperies.
what about if you need IVF because you've had cancer should you still have to pay?
For a very long time now there has been a lot of people in this country , who were born here .

Almost all of us born here, I would say are glad that we were born .

Given that we were born - what would we say now , if our mother had difficulty conceiving and couldn't afford to pay for available treatment ?
I think it should be free for so many times and then after a while make a charge
Question Author
Yes, the NHS should not offer IVF at all.
In your opinion
I don't think IVF should be free unless you've had a cancer or some such illness. No one is born with a right to have children, (myself included, there's a chance I might not be able to).

You do have to pay to have your sperm stored for a maximum of ten years, it's initally �300 (sperm extracted, checked and the stored, you get �200 back if they find nothing) and then �100 per year off the top of my head. You only don't have to pay for this if you've had a cancer. I'm not sure how it works from a female perspective however.
4Get. I'm more than happy to look in to this more fully for you but you'll have to email me with all the relevant details. (When, where etc..). Feel free.
Oh am not trying yet and may be able to have children just wondered at that time if I had to pay for it. Thanks China xx
Offer stands when you need it, it's no biggie to find out if I have the right info to start with.
4get...has he has his sperm checked since?
Such kind and understanding people on here, not! Till you have been in the position yourself you won't know how much stress this can cause and pressure on a marriage. Next you'll be saying people shouldn't get drugs for cancer on the NHS. but should have to pay! Or if you have an accident, it's your fault because you shouldn't be having a day out. That's my one and only comment because people like some of you make me sick!

It must be a wonderful thing to be so perfect.
thanks china :-) I will come to you if needed xx. Erm I have no idea if it has been checked, it was frozen 5 years ago
or do you mean id he fertile now. He has not been checked recently and I wouldnt ask him to be until we try and have trouble.
Im sorry jan, I was thinking about money being preserved for life and death situations rather than lifestyle choices. In an ideal world there would be money for all, when money is precious in the NHS then priority would be to serious illness rather than infertility treatments
It's nothing to do with being perfect Jan1957, it's about whether you think IVF is something that should be paid for on the NHS.

As it stands most of the fertility problems I deal with are not to do with people who have been sick and as a result are now infertile, the majority just can not concieve naturally and want to have their own child. That's absolutely fine, go for it but pay for it yourself. Or you can take part in an exchange scheme as well (you donate eggs to another woman and in turn get half your IVF funded I think). I've no problems with this but I don't think it's necessary. Unlike the gender re-assigment, it does not fall under mental health guidelines. It's jut because people want to have their 'own' child.

As to the stress it puts on to marriages, well I do agree with that, I see it alot. But I think it's the sort of thing you discuss before getting married. I've discussed it with ex boyfirends in the past. One absolutely didn't want kids, the other did but knew that it might not happen but that I was willing to be tested if it was going to be a deal breaker for him. It wasn't a deal breaker so I didn't get tested.
They might be's not that uncommon. Fingers crossed xx

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IVF on the NHS......

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