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How to solve Britain's economic crisis

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JockSporran | 10:22 Fri 07th Aug 2009 | News
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A voluntary retirement package of �1M for anyone over 50 if they take early retirement and provided that they buy a new British car. There are about 20m people over 50 in the UK and �20M is budgie food to the government who squander billions. This would:

1) Create job vacancies - unemployment sorted.

2) Place orders for 20m new British cars - car industry sorted.

3) People would be able to pay off their mortgages - housing crisis sorted.

But then, what do I know?


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Question Author
Sorry, I should have said - this is from a light-hearted e-mail that has been going around. But there's many a true word spoken in jest, eh?
so this �20m budgie food? You said �1m each not �1 each so that 20 million million, that's 20 English billion or a modern day trillion. Trouble is if every one is a millionaire a million ain't worth jack! Small inflation problem methinks.

You should be chancellor mate!
If it costed �20m to give the 20 million a package, they would only get a �1 each.
Question Author
Thanks, Geezer - apologies for the bad arithmetic. Maths never was my strong point, and it's too early in the morning for me :-D
Question Author
Now I see why it was a LIGHT-HEARTED e-mail.
There are already too many cars for such a small country. The place would be in gridlock with your additional cars and no one would be able to get anywhere, or move anything.

Pollution would be greatly increased, and our quality of life would generally be poorer.

I suspect everyone would emigrate to somewhere sunnier given the dosh.
I suspect everyone would emigrate to somewhere sunnier given the dosh.

Except of course, those that have already migrated from sunnier climes.
Quite honestly, I'd retire at 50 and buy new car if they only paid me a hundred grand. That would keep me nicely for the next thirty or forty years, thank you very much.

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How to solve Britain's economic crisis

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