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How much is that sperm in the window?

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4getmenot | 09:52 Thu 25th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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I was wondering last night about this and need an answer. My bloke had cancer and before his chemo he had his sperm frozen in case he wanted children and couldn't have any after. Anyway if he cant and me and him do want children do I have to pay thousands for treatment or can I just go to hospital and say 'can I have my boyfriends sperm back please?'


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if the sperm was frozen on NHS then Im sure that they would fund a certain number of attempts.

If not we'll have a whip round!
Oh ok, so it is stored through the NHS...hmmmm.

I reckon you will have to pay for the basting part. Would you do it for nowt? lol.

But as your sis has said..proper conditions and all that ~ I know some folk do it at home but that is with the added security of knowing they have fresh sperm on to speak ;o)
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Thats ok I can afford a baster
Great ~ that might give you �2.00 off the treatment ;o)
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wicked. why cant my life ever be simple
I have an image in my heid of 4getmenot marching up to hospital, turkey baster in hand and demanding a bed, some soft music, a glass of wine and a teaspoon of her boyfriend's thawed out sperm!!
Mind you, I am sure they do basters in the 99p store.

They might even be 2 for 99p..just in case one gets
PMSL lost?????
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Are you getting broody 4get? lol

Wasnt this explained at the time he had it frozen? I would say you would definately have to have it inseminated in the hospital but it wont be like IVF. Im not sure if you have to pay or not but I dont see why you should under the circumstances.

Good luck with it all though when the time comes!
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I wasnt with him when he had it frozen. I was friends with him but we were together. I guess I was just thinking last night. And I;m always broody :-)
I thought they did it in one of those glass things you get and leave it in an incubator for a few days then attach it inside your womb once it's started growing. I think the egg needs injected with the sperm and then electrocuted to give it life, might be wrong though.
No Skreecheeboy.....they are 'cultured' - not like us plebs!

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How much is that sperm in the window?

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