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anotheoldgit | 14:22 Wed 24th Dec 2008 | News
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To all you so called caring people on the news topic.

Just 2, yes 2 people bothered to post your thoughts on Mary T's 22/12/08 posting.

"Sad Christmas 5year old N.Ireland Boy drowned"

It is indeed a sad reflection on our so called caring nation.


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There isn't really anything to say, though,is there?

A tragic accident such as this is very sad and unfortunately it is not the only tragic event this week
There are thousands of sad incidents that happen year round,not just at Christmas time.
It is very sad that the boy drowned,but as Ethel says-there isn't really anything to say about it.
As above, it's like when the text messages went around naming the killers of baby P, what purpose does it serve to a complete stranger 100s of miles away.
It goes without saying that my heartfelt sympathy goes out to that family, but there's nothing else I can offer them.
Don't be too harsh AOG, nothing to say, it all goes without saying. If we have a discussion it always ends with trying to apportion blame in some way. I didn't want to get into that.
Question? No.

News-related? No.

Self-righteous? Cha-Ching!

I agree with Ethel et what? Nothing more to say.
P.S By the way AOG...the nation may be caring, but i am NOT.

All sympathy of mine was used up years ago.
I do feel for the parents, but nothing I put on here will make them or me feel better, so I said nothing, a tragic accident.
Wee ones and old ones die every day of the year, one of ma Aunties died on Tuesday. To those it affects, it is tragic, the fact that we felt no need to comment on this particular wee one's death does not make us uncaring.
Some of us may been too busy lately to read the newspapers, or watch the news, but it doesn't mean to say we don't care about such things AOG.

Of course we care, bless his little heart & his familes too.
*may have been
The title of the site is AnswerBank, not CommentBank, or even RandomStatementBank.
Some grief is very private.

It's not that we don't feel for the loss of the child.
Christmas Eve, 25y man jumped off bridge on M25 at Cheshunt and was killed and run over by 3 trucks. Horrific for all concerned.

Client's train held up because man jumped onto rails. Her OH - surgeon, saved mans life but had to remove both legs & arm.

So much pain for all concerned - unreported in tabloids. Now you know.....look after your nearest and dearest.
Our band's annual Christmas concert at a particular church had to be rushed last year. We usually set up the day before, but last year we couldn't because there was funeral taking place earlier the same day. It was the funeral of a much-loved young father in the parish who'd been killed in an horrendous car accident the week before, leaving behind his wife, a seven-year old child and month old baby. This was a fortnight before Christmas.

Not fair and very sad and, under the circumstances, we didn't mind having to rush the setting up. But again, not a lot more anyone can say than that, unless they know the victims personally.
Question Author
But again, not a lot more anyone can say than that, unless they know the victims personally.

The same could be said for other tragic happenings, ie. when it is a 'Celebrity' or a child goes missing while on holiday, but no this site is then flooded with heart felt posts.

Incidendtly it was not me who entered this subject up for people's thoughts, I was only conveying mine alongside Mary T's, and was rather suprised why others had not.

What I can say now is the fact that in the circumstances the original poster Mary T did not bother to give me further support over this.
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Rest in Peace little one, would have been quite sufficient, without starting up a thread to criticise others for not posting, and suggesting that they don't care.
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