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Brown's speech

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anotheoldgit | 17:33 Wed 24th Sep 2008 | News
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What did others think of Brown's speech, I thought it was stomach churning. The way he spoke nobody would have thought they had been in for 11 years. One would have thought they had just got in.

What really got me was the fact that Wales has free prescriptions, in Scotland they only cost �5, but are free in 2011. In England you will have to wait until 2009 before you get them for free, but only if you suffer from cancer. The rest will have to depend on cheaper drugs to fund this 'givaway'. He got a standing ovation for announcing this.

The other gem was his announcement that he aimed to provide free internet access for children from poor families. Surfing the Web while his Pensioners face another Winter of record fuel prices.That's our caring Prime Minister.

He managed to bring some of his loyal followers to tears. But I am afraid he will bring many more to tears before we get rid of him, but not for the same reasons may I add. 094/Brown-promises-scrap-NHS-prescription-char ges-cancer-patients-long-term-conditions.html


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I can't stand looking at him never mind listening to his drivel. The sooner he and the Labour party are out the better.
Yes but it doesn't matter what you think does it?

Satan will be skating to work before you vote Labour.

What matters is what floating voters think and what those in the Labour party think (from the perspective of his leadership)

Both groups seem to have seen it very favorably.

And he's right - this is no time for a novice like hug-a-hoody-Cameron to be getting work experience!
I agree with you aog, and as far as Cameron beindg a Novice, tenchically, perhaps, but he has the right team around him, and I think he'll do a lot better than this lot.

It'll be interesting though, after the Tory conference, to see just what Labour pinches from them.
Well, here's an opinion on Brown that matters, being from a floating voter and everything. I can't stand the (unelected) tw@t.
AOG. Here's are the people that, as far as I can see, you care about.

English people.
British people.
White people.
Straight people.
The armed forces.

As far as I can tell, you're English, British, white, straight, and a pensioner. I'm not sure if you've been in the armed forces but I strongly suspect either you or direct relatives of yours have been or are. Am I right?

It seems safe to say that you resent anyone other that your own lot being favoured, and that your area of concern is you and yours. Is that fair?

Incidentally, you're well within your rights to think - and vote -like that. I'm just wondering if that's a fair summary of your outlook?
Well said Quinlad!

I am all the things that AOG is though (not ex forces). Oh dear!! I hope though that I am not so narrow!!
I'm not sure if you've been in the armed forces but I strongly suspect either you or direct relatives of yours have been or are. Am I right?

I would imagine that anyone around the age of 50 born in this country would have a relative or two that were in the armed forces.Ever heard of world war two
^Yes, and it finished 63 years ago................
oops, hit submit before I'd finished

and those circumstances meant that people were conscripted to the forces without much was a duty that was undertaken, if not glady and willingly so.

Todays military situation is an entirely different kettle of fish.
missed the point monkey
would have a relative or two that were in the armed forces.
Missed the point, Hercules.........

Having a couple of relatives serving in wartime forces is not the same as having relatives who joined as a career option.

The point is whether AOG has/had family serving under 'voluntary' conditions and in recent times.........?
monkey .if you read my post it is about quinlad
none of my uncles or my auntie were forced to join up and none wanted a career in the forces,
believe the left wing crap if you wish but people gladly went to sign up to defend their country.
my father born in this country, fought for this country yet he will still be on a waiting list for a council house . never got one, i still have a letter from the council in (approx) 1947 telling him how there is a the sixties when boatloads of immigrants came over he just watched as they got the houses. never moaned and always voted labour.
wonder what would have happened if hitler had won ?
Hold on.............
I, too, had grandparents who, when the country asked, performed their duty, and thankfully they survived unharmed.

Unfortunately, the 'country' has a diabolical record of supporting its heroes and heroines..............and this applies to all governments of whatever kidney........

The 'country' then invited peoples from the empire/commonwealth to come and live and work here........and with precious little consultation with those already here.

Those people brave enough to leave behind their homes and families were not actually welcomed with the open arms/chequebooks/housing-stock so beloved of the right-wing commentators.

I'm not even going to address your fatuous last comment.....
There'd be fewer Muslims and blacks and Asians and you'd be much chirpier.
monkey i don't know what part of the country you live in .
i was born, and lived in moss side manchester for most of my life. i have seen things fist hand, not been told them or read about them.
and you will not answer my silly last comment. keep reading the left wing crap and look the other way ?
quinlad i was never allowed to say a bad word about asians when i was younger and they started moving into manchester, my father had fought along side some indian sikhs kicking rommel out of the desert. he would not hear a bad word be spoken about them.
and they make some very tasty curry
Herculiscbr - Please do not assume to know where my political alliegances lay.
I, too, tend to gather my evidence first hand, but where that is not possible I also hope to discover facts and not accumulate hearsay or gut-feelings.

Had Hitler won the war, you certainly wouldn't be able to enjoy your curry.............
monkey you may be right about hitler and curry but i will say once again i got all my knowledge by living in that area with al those people
change al for all
I'm sure you did.............but you cannot extrapolate that everything in the UK mirrors your experience in a particular area.

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Brown's speech

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