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R1Geezer | 15:59 Fri 22nd Feb 2008 | News
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Just reading that Linford C will not be carrying the torch obviously because of his usage of the old steam tugs. Anyway what I was wondering was is there any point in youngsters trying to compete at Athletics unless they are also drugged up to the eyeballs? I mean surely now top level athletics is a cheating contest, is there any hope of cleaning up the sport?


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Well, I gather this crazy idea was proposed by Ken Livingstone, so what else could you expect?
What a wonderful role model for our future young athletes !
Sadly, it seems we don't have any decent standards left for anything left in this country these days. We couldn't do a better job of washing our dirty linen in public, could we, especially when the whole world will be watching the ceremony on TV?. I just hope that sufficient pressure will be put on him to withdraw and let somebody honourable take over.
The problem with drugs in sport is that the cheats are one step ahead each time. It seems the latest wheeze is to use Human growth hormone which builds up the muscles. It is said to be undetectable by the standard drugs test.
Whoever. I think you've misunderstood this. Linford Christie won't be carrying the Olympic torch. You also seem to be under the impression that this is about the opening ceremony for the 2012 games. It isn't. It is about the Olympic torch coming to London in April this year as part of its tour around the world on its way to Beijing.
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Why dont they just let all sportsmen/women do as much competetive drugs as they like then at least it'll be a fair contest?
Was he the bloke who used to carry a torch in his shorts?
It wouldn't be a fair contest because most sportsmen or women are no more likely to use drugs to enhance their performance than most other people are to use recreational drugs.

A good point was made on TV on Saturday. Brendan Foster said he believed that athletes who returned from bans are still benefiting from their use of drugs. This is because they built muscle mass and physique by using drugs and those physical changes have not diminished.

Maybe a life ban is the only answer.

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