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Punishment for speeding - �60 fine or a telling of from a 10-year-old

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AB Asks | 13:06 Fri 22nd Feb 2008 | News
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Speeding is something we are probably all guilty of sometimes, cameras and fines seem to be doing little to curb our enthusiasm for driving at unsafe speeds. However, a pilot scheme has been taking place outside some schools. Motorists who are caught speeding have been given the choice of either receiving a fine and three points or a telling off from pupils. Unsurprisingly the telling off was been chosen the most. Apparently many of the motorists said the telling off hit home harder than a letter detailing a fine and points for speeding. They were reportedly said to have felt ashamed with their unsafe driving and promised never to do it again. What do you think? Are these motorists who received a dressing down less likely to speed now, or are they more likely to have driven off thinking: "That was lucky; I got neither points nor a fine"?


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I guess anyone given the choice of a fine and points or a telling off would choose the telling off. I think most of them will think how lucky they were to get away with it. Pretty stupid idea in my opinion.

Its on a par with .... would ab ed rather sort out the site or read but ignore posts from people who complain.

What a load of lefty coblers.

We need to kids in their place not elevate them above adults, what sort of message does that give.

Secondly who is really going to take notice. Afew no doubt but most will pay lip service and then heave a sigh of releif they got away with it
Speeding is something we are probably all guilty of
Wrong-I ain't,unless you think I walk too fast.
In the same newspaper it was announced that �1/2 million has been wasted by using juvenile courts. Who are we to believe?

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Punishment for speeding - �60 fine or a telling of from a 10-year-old

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