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Gazza sectioned

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ecoman | 11:24 Fri 22nd Feb 2008 | News
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Paul Gascoigne has been sectioned under the mental health act and sent to an institution for retards and losers with no chance of recovery, "Its great to have him back" said Keegan!


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Yep, I believe he's been allocated the bed you've just vacated! ;o)
Ok so he's having some problems. I suppose a gutless little sh1t like you can only ever kick a man when he's down. What a J Arthur
Question Author
Bet your single, aged about 45 and still live with you mum.
ah so we are not talking about Mr Gascoigne any more then!
Question Author
No, wer'e talking about mummy's boys now
now now girls........actually i thought it was quite funny an im sure gazza would find it funny as well.................
Question Author
Thank you Stoke, at last a man with a sense of humour
no prob ecoman sometimes you need a laugh to get u thru the bad times dont you?
>retards and losers with no chance of recovery

This is the sort of pig ignorant attitude to mental health problems that made us build lunatic asylums in the victorian times and lock people in them for life.

There is still a lot of stigma about mental health and many people are scared to tell friends and relatives if they have had a mental health problem.

Stupid childish comments like yours dont help.

You only have to look at the number of "celebrities" who have mental health problems to see how widespread it is.

People such as Gazza, Amy Winehouse, Frank Bruno and others have all had mental health problems so it is nothing to be ashamed off, or to make fun of.
Question Author
Oh for Gods sake get a f+/#*$g life, I'm outta here now, I've had enough
as the joke was in football terminology im sure when gazza is better he will find it quite amusing.....laughter is good for the soul vhg....
Good one, ecoman. Very funny in the context I'm sure it was meant in. What a pity that there are so many sad people on here who have no sense of humour!
Anybody who has had to deal with people with mental health problems, either professionally or with family members, will not find that comment in the least funny.
You obviously have no idea of the stress this situation can put on those who have to try and help and support these people.
Two of the most talented football players on the planet, Gasgoigne and Best succumb to drink and both lives are ruined leading to medical damage. What is wrong with our society that leads to this?
yup i got the joke but it wasn't funny due to the amazing ignorance of ecoman.
does he fit into the catagory "retards and losers" ?
He's not been the same since recording 'Fog on the Tyne'
Question Author
Hang on, I don't remember recording "Fog on the Tyne"
ecoman....... I thought that was funny. Yes it is sad whenever something like this happens. But i for one have always considered Paul Gascoine repulsive, with or without a drink. Most of his problems are self inflicted. Yes he was agood footballer but he was a horrible person. Didn't he used to beat his wife up?

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Gazza sectioned

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