did wayne rooney really say this?

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flipnflap | 12:57 Wed 19th Dec 2007 | News
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It's reported that Wayne Rooney will marry Coleen during Euro '08 next Summer (cos he won't have much else to do then!). He's been quoted as saying this: "For a while we couldn't make any plans because I didn't know whether I would be playing in Euro 2008 - but when we failed to qualify, as devastating as that was, we were able to come up with some firm dates. Had England got through to the tournament then we would have married later on in the summer but that meant we wouldn't have had a honeymoon. So I guess there is some upside to it!"

Bearing in mind Mr.Rooney's renowned eloquence and vocabulary, do you think he actually said these words himself?


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What's wrong with it? It is an upside- for him, I don't see what harm he may have done here?
sounds like common sense to me?...or should i read it again?
just reading what he is reported to have said, id want a rain mack and brolly.
the lads a scoucer !!! can you imagine the shower ???
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Of course it makes sense - too much sense. I just can't imagine Rooney using words or phrasing like that
ahh............... gotcha!!
not a chance, that's sportswriterspeak. Just imagine Rooney trying to fit 'as devastating as that was' into a sentence.
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I think it's more likely to be a quote composed and released by his PR guy
that's also possible. But if he has a contract with a newspaper, some reporter on the staff will ring him up, talk to him, get his opinions, then write them down in coherent English (eg for a regular column). The problem is it's sometimes so coherent it doesn't sound like the player at all.
Why did such a beautiful girl like Coleen hitch up with ugly puss Rooney I think originally it was because he was an Everton footballer with a few bob, and now because of that her own career has took off with a bang. Now she does not need his money I wonder if ? they will get married and if so for how long...............FT
Beautiful????????? Are we talking about the same Coleen?
She was with him at school....
Whilst it is true that Wayne Rooney looks like one of the Banana Splits, we should remember that it's not only looks which determine who one falls in love with.

Ms McCloughlin is a pretty girl, but there must be more to their relationship than looks alone.

Now I'm going to have a cynical stab in the dark here.......................................d'you think money may have something to do with it?

I mean surely there's not many women that would put up with their boyfriend visting geriatric prossies if there wasn't a whole mountain of cash with which to wipe her sodden eyes with.

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did wayne rooney really say this?

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