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Standing for "God Save The Queen"

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THECORBYLOON | 14:06 Sun 12th Nov 2006 | News
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I was at an Ex-Servicemen's club last night because ma nephew way playing in his band there. At the end there was an announcement by one of the members that the National Anthem would be played as usual. At the time, I was sitting at ma table and didn't stand. I was telt I had to stand and when I replied I didn't, I was asked to leave the hall whilst it was being played, which I did.

I object to the words of the Anthem as in the final verse it says,

"Lord grant that Marshal Wade
May by thy mighty aid
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush,
And like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush.
God save the Queen!"

Do you think I was correct or was it disrespectful?


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lol @ lazygun
the big yin also mentioned that marvelous edinburgh tradition of spitting on the "heart of Midlothian" at parliament square, a habit I indulge in whenI visis "auld Reekie"
TCL I didnt say Corby was a bad place, it's not somewhere I'd like to spend much time. My cousin stayed in Warminster Close and loved it, he now abides on the Exeter near the pluto, dae ye ken it? it's the kind o place where you go in laughing and come oot in stitches
Question Author
I've never been to the Pluto (named after the PipeLine Under The Ocean that ran between the UK and France during the war and made by S & L) but Lennox Lewis had to move out The Exeter to Canada because he was bullied...
I sha&&ed a burd called cathie in that school playground, wuz it hazel brook or something?
a ken whit pluto means tho, it wiz made at stewarts + lloyds under great secrecy just before DDay, one o Corby's contributions to the allied victory
Question Author
Are you thinking on Hazel Leys?
Aye, i thinh so, are all the roads named after famous artists, ie gainsborough, turner etc? i was gonna do history of art as my degree but did military history instead. dae ye ken cathie then?
What do you mean by our parliament, our telly etc etc.?
Last time I looked, I lived in the United Kingdom, governed by a British Parliament.
Are you just being an ignorant, arrogant, anglo-centric *rsehole?

Your English Empire is long gone and you last won the soccer World Cup over 40 years ago (though you'd think it was about ten minutes ago by the way people like you go on about it). Your rugby team are losers, yet it still dominates the National news.
Forget about chips on shoulders, shrug your shoulders like we in "the provinces" have done for years - admit that sometimes you are crap and stop looking for someone to blame for all your ill-perceived woes.

As you say, "Get over it"
Can't help but wonder what the response would be if your user name was not TheCorbyLoon but an indication that made people think that you were Muslim.

What happened to all the "when in Rome...." spouted off with regular venom?

Personally, I have no problem with you not standing for the Anthem, however, I think that you should have left before being asked to leave.

Do you remember this question: 1486.html
haha at brachipod, his stereo-type of all English people is akin to me saying all Scottish are ginger haired, alcoholic schizophrenics.
corby. i think you did the right thing for you , better to be honest
Whatever your beliefs or opinions - when in Rome do as the Romans do and all that. You are in an Ex- Servicemens Club where the tradition and culture is to stand for the National Anthem - so you SHOULD stand. If you don't want to, not a problem but go and socialise somewhere else, otherwise respect the tradtions of your hosts. Booldawg has a very valid point.
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TCL lives in Corby, England he speaks with an English accent one of his parents is the homeless mole women!! He likes to think he is some modern day William Wallace figure he�s more like Jimmy Kane (who looks like Fagin) and hates everything English! How do I know? Well I have the misfortune of being a relative!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on corbyloon, I�ve ironed your Rangers top!!
Although a royalist,I am not a fan of our national anthem because I think it is dour and uninspirational. "I Vow To Thee My Country" would be a better one.
Ta Ta
Marky B
Question Author
MADTERRY what's wrong? Did you drop yir medication when you were out sweeping the streets or something? Feel free to have a go at me but you don't have a go at ma mum ok?
Screw the national anthem. I can't remember the words...something about a Queen, monarchy or something?

It's the music, see, so utterly dour you want to fall asleep. They could have at least put it in an unusual time signature or key, made it more interesting.

So yeah. Crap anthem. Beaten comprehensively, in fact, by "The National Anthem" by Radiohead.

Unfortunately I think our anthem represents Britain far too accurately, i.e. backward, lack of innovation, and too obssessed with "sovereignty" and "tradition".
NH ,the best answer yet, and I doubt it will be improved.

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Standing for "God Save The Queen"

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