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toecrusher | 19:36 Tue 25th Jul 2006 | News
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any body know what the trouble was in malia yesterday, only caught the last bit on the news report. daughter going on friday, 1st hol abroad without parents, so would like to be able to warn her of possible problems if necessary. thanks in advance


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From what I can gather there was a fracas involving some guys insulting the other guys girlfriends.One guy was taken to hospital and the other 'gang' stormed the hospital to get him.
I know you'll worry -its normal -but it happens every night on the streets here.She will be fine -as long as she bails out at the first hint of trouble.
Get her to give you a wee phone call -even a 30 second one every day and she'll be able to reassure you.I should think after that - it will be the safest place to go in the med !!!
I know its not the med -but it sounded good - lol
We went to Malia once on a ride out on bikes from where we were staying on Crete.
WALL TO WALL DRUNKS and LOUTISH BEHAVIOUR, and that was in the early afternoon, didn't feel very safe, got out before sundown. Things may have changed as this was a few years ago.
My friends went to Malia a couple of years ago. They said it was all brits p***ed, causing trouble and fighting. Just tell your daughter to be careful and obey all the usual rules you would on a night out in England. Not to go wondering off on her own, don't except drinks from strangers. The usual warnings really
wall to wall drunks, louts and dogs howling at sunset whilst the sober make it outta town ?
That's Chard, Somerset, isnt it ?
It was 2 rival groups fighting over the rights to sell cocaine in the town, apparently it has being going for the past few years but finally exploded last weekend, just as a side to this Drisgirl i thought crete was in the med
I landed back in the UK on tues after spending 2 weeks in Crete. I have been out there whilst all this trouble has kicked off! I can safely say i have never been happier to land on uk soil as i was on tues nite!

Malia, to put not to finer point on it, is a complete ********!

I am 23 nearly 24, and i have never seen so much violence in all my life. Everywhere you turned there was someone kicking of wiv someone! Young idiots getting drunk and making scenes! I saw one bloke covered from head to toe in blood after he'd been bottled in the face! It is not a nice place! I certainly will never set foot on that island again!

I'm all for going out and having a good time, i'm defo no shrinking violet but what i saw whilst i was there was beyond anything i could ever imagine! It's stupid!

Even our hotel barmaid's husband who has worked the pubs and clubs in malia and surrounding areas for the past 10 years said that this year in malia is the worst ever seen for the violence and the rapes and the general yobs.

If you are letting your daughter go, tell her to be extra careful! I don't mean to scare you but i'm just telling you the truth! Walking into Malia right now is pretty much the same as walking into a war zone!
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Thanks for that, shes actually there now and seems to be having a good time, hasnt mentioned any trouble(but i suppose she wouldnt!), just hopes she gets through to the end of the week without any problems, she is very sensible and would steer clear of any trouble, but sometimes could be in the wrong place at the wrong time! lol
Hi, Im 23 and have just got back from Malia and i have been there for 3 months working everything has been blown out of proportion on the news and in the papers yes there is a couple of fights but its the boys who think they are tough as long as your daughter stays in the club or bar then she is fine. People go on holiday to have a good time and to drink, this has happened everywhere like ibiza, majorca etc its just the same as any other holiday destination. To be fair you are probably letting her go to the safest holiday destination. Everyone looks out for one another. You have nothing to worry about.
My son is going out at the beginning of September along with a mate, and I must admit I am very worried as they both like to have a good time, dancing and chatting to girls.. They are both sensible and although they do drink, they don't need to get drunk to have a good time but that doesn't stop a mother from worrying when you see it all in the news.
Hi, my 19 yr old has been in Malia for 2 months, working and having fun, she is with 2 girlfriends and they stick together. My 17 yr old daughter flew out yesterday and is staying with her sister for a week and then they all come home together. They have had lots of fun and have just used their common sense to keep safe. It happens all over the world. Try not to worry, I talk to my girls all the time and check out their pics on facebook. If it was that bad, they would have come home ages ago but instead they extended their stay! You cant wrap them in cotton wool as much as we would like to, its all part of lifes great experiences, and realistically, its rare to have fatalaties.

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