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How Far Would You Like To See The Authorities Go To...

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sandyRoe | 07:43 Mon 17th Jun 2024 | News
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...'stop the boats'?

Hopefully not anything like the actions the Greek coastguard are being accused of.



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The link highlights one major incident.  There are allegations of many others.

If they'd taken firmer action at the start there wouldn't be the problem there is now.

Davebro 08.11 Agree with you .Over the last 14 years this Tory Govt have  taken no action whatsoever to stop immigration. Although two Tory PMs who served during this Tory watch did say they were going to reduce immigration by tens of thousands  but as usual it was all Tory Talk and no action.

Frankly I think the bubbles have the right idea.

Labour will wave their magic wand and solve it, don't panic.

There are many thousands of people living in the UK, lots of whom live in the south east, who have been directly affected by the 'boats' problem.  Either because of housing issues or indeed criminal ones.  The frustration of this failure to stop the invasion will be manifested at the ballot box. Politicians of all persuasions should remember, we all have a vote.

^That'll be a rubber stamp.  No more 'illegal' immigration.  Problem solved.  

We have to start stopping them physically, it's the only way. Stop the border Farce and the RNLI acting as a ferry service and block them from UK waters. This is a hostile invasion, declare a state of emergency and bleeding well sort it.

It's an example of going too far. Especially the assaults and chucking into the water.


Confronting the boats and telling them to return is reasonable; as is, if they are "fleeing" from a safe country, returning the boat or occupants alone, to where they came from (and if the source country says it doesn't give permission tell them they better hurry up and give it because their illegals are being returned anyway).


What is also unacceptable is picking them up and bringing them to their intended destination when it is blatantly obvious they are neither asylum seekers nor refugees. That is an abuse of your nation's (lack of ) border security measures.

There is no deterent for illigal immigrants to this country. It has to be a strong one to prevent people wanting to come here illegally. What might a strong deterent be, I hear you say? That's the question, isn't it?

Let's just hope the incoming Labour Govt can sort this problem out  once they get into power and start from day one. Because the outgoing Tories ain't done nothing about it in the last fourteen years.

//What might a strong deterent be, I hear you say? //

The only deterrent I can think of (if the present lack of action is continued) will be when Britain becomes a worse place to live than their homeland. Luckily I won't be here to see it.

What ever anyone tries to do about it the liberal left will bleat about ooman rights etc.

But the only way really is to get physical, these people dont understand any other way it is seen as being soft.

We need to work with other European countries to stem the flow and get tough.  Arresting all illegal aliens should be mandatory, they should then be locked up until we decide what to do with them.

As TTT says, the Bubbles have the right idea, maybe not the best execution - but that can be worked on.

cant liberal lefts not pronounce the letter H or something YMB?

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Such cynicism in one so wise.  Tut tut.


Any Labour Govt would only make it worse. They've made it quite clear they are ok with immigration. They even want stronger BRINO ties with that federal block that just loves illegal immigrants moving about unfettered. A woke party in power is an awful thing to hope for.

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