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Oh Dear, Macron, France And The Euro In Real Trouble.....

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ToraToraTora | 14:17 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | News
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No wonder he spat the dummy out. 180% GDP national debt and Marine Le Pen kicking his April. Add to that the France could collapse the Euro and no wonder Macron wants to bail out! UK ND 85%! and still the EUphiles think we should have joined the ponzi scheme of a currency and still be in the EUSSR. How long before further exits from this guano exhibit?



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😂  Thanks TTT.

Question Author

Trouble brewing.  Anyone travelling to France - hang on to your hats! 

I'll be going there for the summer. I'll let you know how things are.

Such a measured and balanced article is seldom seen in the Daily Bogroll. 😄

The Express,3T,that font of truth?

Naomi 14.20 What are you thanking TTT for ??.

//The Express,3T,that font of truth?//

True its not a publication I would go to but out of interest which of the figures TTT has quoted do you think is wrong?

TTT, personally I dont think 180% GDO national debt is too much of a problem for a country like France on its own.  The problem is all the other things going on and of course being tied to the EUR means they have very little wriggle room.

On another note I personally would prefer France & Germany to be stronger.  No one want poor neighbours.

When we lived there, we kept telling people that France was an economic 'basket case'........... no-one believed us!

To start with, they are paying millions of euros annually in fines because of their refusal to comply with various aspects of EU rules........


Question Author

15:19, The GDP is not a problem I was just mentioning as a comparison for the 5C types who think our 85% is bad.

Not looked it up, but I thought our £3Trillion nation debt was closer to 100% of GDP.  
You have predicted the demise of the €uro hundreds of times on this site, and still it is here.   
The Euro elections are often just a protest vote. UKiP used to win many seats, but when they fought a by election or General Election, they always lost. Macron is hoping to do the same to the French Nationalists.

@15.17.None,why should i?Its just that the Express isnt going to post any good news about the EU is it.

I  love it The best GBP to the EURO so far this year keep it up

// the debt-to-GDP ratio will soon head back to the 100% mark—a level not seen since the 1950s, when Britain was still burdened with the costs of fighting the second world war. //

15% error on £3Trillion is very wide of the mark.

Gulliver, I'm thanking TTT for politely - and humorously - responding to a request to re-post his original question, the wording of which transgressed the rules.  

//None,why should i?//

Because you were attempting to undermine its validity?

Gromit, however you cut it 100% is not 180% is it.  Or are you disputing the 180%?

This was from December last year...

// Total [France] government debt has risen to 112pc of GDP, in contrast to around 66pc in Germany and 100pc in the UK. And it's rising with every year that passes. //

I doubt it has gone up 68% in 6 months, so the 180% figure looks iffy too.

@15.33.Not me old boy,where did i undermine its validity?

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Oh Dear, Macron, France And The Euro In Real Trouble.....

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