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I'm sure he would like to but it aint gonna happen.

The Commies are lurking in the background and if he wins I doubt he will be in No 10 for more than 12 months.

Could be the GOAS or Ms Abbott installed 🤣


Question Author

I think, like Blair if he wins for them he'll be ok. GOAS is like Starmer's Prescott. The token red from under the bed.

Faisal Islam and Robert Peston have been unmasked. 😂

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle has been banned from standing at the election to retain his seat. An anonymous complaint last week resulted in his suspension.

It is clear that Starmer is prepared to risk losing seats to clean out some troublesome MPs. Abbott and Corbyn are popular in their constituencies and stand a chance of beating the official Labour candidate. The danger is they could be more trouble to Labour if they are outside the tent rather than inside.

// Faiza Shaheen MP was selected by local party members to contest the seat in July 2022, but Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) decided last night the party would not endorse her candidacy. //

Don't think he is- Graham Jones at Hyndburn has been reinstated after his vile comments.


jeremy corbyn never once purged his opponents from the party. not once. he had a huge majority from the members and could have done it if he wanted to... but he didn't. if he had, he would have been called a stalinist or a dictator in the making or something. he understood that labour is a coalition and it remained one when he left.

keir starmer does it and it's "sensible" apparently. it's the politics of the "middle". he lied systematically in order to get the labour leadership and has betrayed every single promise that he made to the membership. he is a liar and cannot be trusted. he is a worse leader by far than his predecessor. i was very surprised to see how much "sensible" "centrists" like ichkeria admire him... when i asked how anyone could possibly be sure that starmer would stay on their side then there was no answer. because you can't.

Who is GOAS please.

Gob On A Stick

Angela Rayner

An anonymous complaint last week resulted in his suspension.

someone  .... dished the dirt on him?

Question Author

GOAS = Gob On A Stick.

The trouble with Corbyn was that there was no terrorist organisations he didnt sympathise with.From the IRA to Hamas,Corbyn has always been an apologist for.

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