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Diane Abbott, Time To Forgive And Forget?

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sandyRoe | 08:05 Tue 28th May 2024 | News
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Did a slip of the tongue on her part bring her life of service to the Labour Party to an untimely end?

Some of the functionaries in the party seem to act with a Stalinistic ruthlessness.




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nah - good riddance...

what did she say? was it good? or the usual AB deletion nonsense?

Is she like Arthur Scargill? - welcome her back and bang goes the election !

Question Author

I believe she spoke of past discrimination again Jews, gypsies, and the Irish.

She was ordered to complete an "antisemitism awareness course".  She obeyed but is still in Limbo.

And why no mention of the Irish or gypsies?

some would have have had her as Home sec, still she reckons she can get 300 plods for a shilling a week!

One of those rare times when Pandora's box has been successfully resealed.

Best left where she is as a reminder to other babbling throwbacks of what can happen career-wise.

There's just the teeny-tiny problem of who is going to be the Labour candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington still to be resolved ...

Diane who ?

Is she really still a fit for Starmers "new, changed" Labour Party?  She should "do a Corbyn" and stand against them.

Word is that she's currently running the numbers to see if that's a goer, Stableford.

So far she's ended up with Mayfair, a giraffe and 73.

That would only multiply her problems.

Brilliant, Douglas and TTT :)

"Some of the functionaries in the party seem to act with a Stalinistic ruthlessness."  But surely Diane would love that?  Seeing as she is also an admirer of Mao, well you reap what you sow.

Question Author

I've always thought of the Labour Party as a broad church.

If there isn't room for Diane and Jeremy on the left what's to become of it?

Who knows, without the extremists they may even become electable?!

Just like Magic Grandpaw isnt she just another Hamas terrorist apologist?

Question Author

She's been taken back into the party.

Whether she stands again for parliament remains to be seen.

it seems she denied that the Irish, Travellers and Jews are discriminated against from birth, unlike black people.

Abbott compared their plight with others – saying Irish people, Jewish people and Travellers were not required in pre-civil rights America to sit at the back of buses, nor trafficked and placed into manacles on slave ships.

That seems correct.

Question Author

The apparatchiks have let her back into the party but say she can't stand for her parliamentary seat.

People in the party will think twice before drifting from the official line.

Nicely cherry-picked JNO.


She drew a parrallel with the prejudice Jewish people receive to that which ginger people receive - her letter was completely tone-deaf and idiotic...although given who wrote it this should hardly come as a surprise. Abbott sees racism in pretty much everything, although rather ironically cannot accept she made a ractist statement which she said "white people love playing divide and rule..."


I suppose she could be fogiven for being correct in that Jews weren't required to sit at the back of American buses, although personally I'd rather have to sit at the back of a bus than be rounded up in millions and led to slaughter.

Tomiwa Owolade wrote the article which prompted Abbott's, and he felt it was a disgrace.

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Diane Abbott, Time To Forgive And Forget?

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