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Even Tory Mps Aren’t Voting Tory ??

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Gromit | 18:02 Mon 27th May 2024 | News
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// The Conservative Party says MP Lucy Allan has been suspended for backing a Reform UK candidate. //

She is not standing in her Telford seat. But is supporting the Reform candidate rather than her official Tory replacement.

All a shambles to the end.



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What's your prediction this time Gromit? If it helps here's your 2019 wisdom:


They want to lose. Might as well chuck everyone out and start again. Hopefully, Sir Keir will sort everything out.  

I think gromit is morphing into Gulliver! Gullomit? Gromiver? PMSL!

//Even Tory Mps Aren’t Voting Tory //

Yes, that's the case with Lucy Allen. But who are the others?

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I have already answered your question on a previous thread, and I wasn't too wrong last time.

So what do you think of Tory MPs supporting the opposition?

Its a bad look isn't it.

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This from your link...

// I am predicting Labour won’t win the [2019] election. But talk of a 100 seat majority for Boris is laughable //

I was right on both counts.

Err you said he'd lose 20 and it would be hung instead it was an 80 seat majority, i'd say you were miles out me old china!

Even the Tories aren't voting Tory ..They are will be voting Labour  .Because they know Labour can save the UK from the downward spiral that has plunged Britain into a third class Country. Which will plunge even lower if left in the hands of these Tory MPs to continue milking.

100 was laughable?, well 80 must have been at least a giggle!

Unsurprised. Quite a few may well feel there's no clear water between left and right these days, so want to look for a party a little better at representing their views than the modern day Tory party now is. Politically left voters, concerned at the immigration issue, may well be thinking along the same lines.

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Even Tory Mps Aren’t Voting Tory ??

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