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200,000 People From Hong Kong Now In The Uk.

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sandyRoe | 08:24 Sat 18th May 2024 | News
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I heard a mention of that figure on the radio the other day and I see no problem with the number.

Is there special provision for people from Hong Kong as it's a former colony?



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people won't object to them because they are not muslim sandy

//Most projections expect around 300,000 Hong Kongers will come to live in Britain over the next few years.//

It could be more - depends how they feel living under Chinese oppression.

I suspect there be fewer "wrong uns" coming from HK than from Muslim countries.

Since the UK agreed to hand HK over to the CCP, folk probably feel we owe something to those unable to, or foolish enough not to, get out in time. I doubt there's an official obligation, but if managed, and individual applicants checked properly, we ought not be so surprised.

Yes they are good hard working people who will add something rather than low life loony scum that want to kill us.

People have no problem with them because once they get here they dont demand that the country becomes a comunist state and has their own law courts.

yes. Since they are educated, cultured ( perhaps even more than us) and assimilated, we dont see them.

people won't object to them because they are not muslim sandy - yeah I know there are chinee triad gangs but they dont do it in public. 

( HK 1997 - white girl - I can walk to the nearest bus stop and travel alone: the chinese dont attack girls

I sort of stood there with a tom and jerry look: eyes startinng out

Used to moving. You remember David Yip - Chinee Detective ? He was from the largest diaspora ( Liverpool) up to 1920 until there as a White Slave scandal and they all moved elsewhere.


and how many of these are Beijing spies? Well, we'll never know because of course they all look alike. But there will be a few

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200,000 People From Hong Kong Now In The Uk.

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