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Protesters Call For Islamic State In Germany

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fender62 | 13:26 Mon 29th Apr 2024 | News
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merkel let them in now they want to turn on there hosts, or turn the country in a caliphate, what irony..



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how many made this call? Or is one enough?

Crazy people.

Next thing you know they'll be getting voted into positions of power here.

That looks like a German version of Speakers Corner. You can hear a lot of nonsense spouted there too.

Europe is slowly, but very surely, reaping what it has sown.

It has allowed Islam to infiltrate its nations and their institutions on the basis that all religions must be accommodated equally. That would be fine if Islam was prepared to accommodate all the others. But it isn't. It never will be.


It's ironic that they're complaining that Islamic groups have been misrepresented in western media because they're absolutely right.  In pursuit of social cohesion the media has withheld the truth for years.

This will be happening here in due course. Unless we wake up to prevent it. The poison lies within.

//This will be happening here in due course.//

How true.  The anti Christian/Western mission creep continues sometimes by less obvious routes. Did you know that the  World's first Sikh court has just been established in London? Though not. It was slipped into being whilst you were distracted. In the 15th-century Old Hall in Lincoln’s Inn, beneath portraits of England’s 17th-century judiciary, 46 Sikh “magistrates and judges” took an oath to “uphold the principles of justice, equality, and integrity as prescribed by the teachings of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Sikh faith”. Of course in the interests of fair play and even handednessit would only be right to let shariah courts operate and seeing as there are millions more of them London will need many, many, more of them. 

should please the AB Islamophiles.

It has allowed Islam to infiltrate its nations

ah, if only Britain hadn't had this long-standing policy of invading Islamic nations, from the Crusades down to Iraq... They are indeed reaping what they've sown.

Togo, what? 

good to see jno, holding up TROP end.

Jno, our descendants will reap what our generations have sown - god(?) help them.   Not so smart.  

All we have "sown" is the civilisation of these barabarians. Now with the support of apologists like jno they seem determined to return to the stone age.

Thanks Togo.  

oh calm down, calm down all of you

it is based on the already existing mediation-arbitration - and this one includes Sikh principles

Have a cup of hot chocolate, all of you

Yes I had noticed, arbitration according to other  rules is nothing new - move on


you all know Sikhs arent muslims, dont you - - no no dont answer that


Claim misrepresentation and yet provide solid evidence of the opposite all at the same time ? We probably need more details of the demand but this smacks of treachery against the nation.

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Protesters Call For Islamic State In Germany

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