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Khandro | 22:25 Sun 28th Apr 2024 | News
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'There are many misunderstandings about Israel in the international media, but one of the most bewildering is the suggestion that if it weren't for the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu the war would end. It is one of those mistakes that at best mixes up hope with analysis, and at worst displays a dumbfounding ignorance. Let me give you an example. In recent months I think I've interviewed everybody in Israeli politics who might some day replace Netanyahu. It doesn't matter if they're from the right or the left of the political spectrum, not one would be doing anything different from what he is doing now. You might ask why. The answer is obvi-ous. If you had 1,200 of your citizens slaughtered in the most barbaric ways, what would you do? If hundreds of your citizens had been taken hostage and more than a hundred were still being held in a densely populated civilian area, what would you do? Add in a few other factors. Imagine if all this had been done by a terrorist group who do not wear uniforms that distinguish them from the general population, that the terrorists want to maximise civilian casualties on their own side, that much of the civilian population are actually complicit in hiding hostages, storing weapons in their houses or hosting entrances to the terrorists' huge underground tunnel networks then, again, what would you do? The geniuses in the armchair [& the AB] class tend to say things like 'There should be peace', as though this has never occurred to the Israelis. Or they say: 'There must be an end to the fighting.' Again, as though this were some fantastically original insight. But all these things are wanted in Jerusalem. Who wants to have to fight a war in the same place for 18 years? ............

Douglas Murray. The Spectator


It seems to me that those demanding a "Cease Fire" have little understanding of either history or real politics. The IDF will, and must, remove Hamas as they have set out clearly as their objective.

As a spokesperson for them has said, a ceasefire would not only be handing Hamas a victory, it would be like asking firefighters to put out only 80% of a fire.




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that's war, naomi. The war has been going on and off since the Israelites first moved in and killed all the Canaanites who lived there. In any other language that would be called genocide, but apparently only Jews can now be victims of genocide and only Israelis can not commit genocide.

To redirect the OP - what would you do if it was your country that was occupied? Fight back or not? Fortunately, in WW2 most did, and not a few Germans were raped and beheaded. You would perhaps have held up your hands in horror while it happened?

Yes, it is war, Jno - and that's the point.  Watching and listening to the protests one could be forgiven for thinking it isn't.

Question Author

jno //Israelis have been killing Palestinians since long before the Hamas attacks. But of course if Palestinians fight back it's an unprovoked outrage.//

Ah ! now I've got it, I've been so blind.

Question Author

jno, and according to the book of Joshua, it was God not the Israelites, who got rid of the Caananites. 


What would you do about the illegal settlements on the West Bank?

3/4 of a million Jewish settlers there now holding the land they've stolen by force of arms.

Khandro, 17.08  ... do leave off.  🙄

//Israelis have been killing Palestinians since long before the Hamas attacks. But of course if Palestinians fight back it's an unprovoked outrage.//

Hamas have been "fighting back" continuously for ages - launching rockets into Israel daily. 

It might just be me, but I get the impression that the IDF won't stop till they've cleared Gaza. Of everyone. Men, women & children. The men are either Hamas fighters or sympathisers, as are the women, and the children are Hamas in waiting, so, no people in Gaza, no Hamas, as Uncle Joe might have said.

> so, no people in Gaza, no Hamas

No people in Gaza, no Hamas ... in Gaza.

It's like a plot from Blackadder II:

The Wise Woman: The third is to ensure that Hamas is no more.
Netanyahu: Ha, that sounds more like it. How?
The Wise Woman: Kill everybody in the whole world. Ah, ha, ha ...

Question Author

Tiresome, AnswerBank Hamas supporting, anti-Semitic, historically illiterate half-wits. What's the point of struggling ?

Je désespère

Khandro, 17.08  ... do leave off. - or I will delete you

( long live free speech on AB!) [ a ittle mish-mash of titbits I have collected on AB]

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