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The Boats.....

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ToraToraTora | 09:14 Wed 24th Apr 2024 | News
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Where are they getting the boats?  Why is France not full of agents sabotaging the boats? Why are we not targetting the sellers of the boats? the manufacturers? why why why?



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They know the risks setting of in those dinghies, if it capsizes and they die, its not the UK fault at all. Just stop picking them up, they will soon get the message without the RNLI taxi service. 
19:46 Wed 24th Apr 2024

It's probably all a plot by are lizard overlords....

I read several months ago that a news hack had traced the source of manufacture to Turkey. The media always appear one step ahead of the French authoreities andknow more whats about to happen than the Gendarmerie i.e. setting up news cameras on a certain  plage , on a certain night.Not very helpful and complicit IMV

It is not illegal to buy a dinghy in France, just as it isn't in the UK.

Good question: this is what should be happening

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I just think we could stop the boats if boats were much harder to get. Why are we not taking measures in this area?

Maybe make purchase by swarthy types illegal.

It would seem a reasonable thing to do TTT, if you were of a mind to stop it.  If you werent of that mind well......

Last night's BBC news was gobsmacking.  Several people including a 7 year old girl died.  French police who, together with the BBC film crew, were watching but made no effort to stop that boat because the men had 'sticks'.  Did no one think to puncture it?  You really couldn't  make it up.  Sickening.

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I would have British agents up and down the beach slashing the boats before they get in the water. Sorted!

They are not easy to puncture unless you have a mother of a knife (even that is difficult) or a gun.

Then, errrr, issue guns.

Shooting a boat full of people is a non starter.

They need to get to it prior to anyone boarding.

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Give them a proper rambo knife.

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even if the boat is full slash it before it gets in the water then they ain't going anywhere. This is an invasion it must be stopped.

Would tear gas help?  It seems effective for riots.

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10:20, how? It'll disperse and they'll be off. The only way to stop the boats is to destroy the boats.

It would have bought time to allow the police to get to the boat to bust it, wouldn't it?  I couldn't believe the police were saying they couldn't do anything because the men had sticks.  Pathetic.

Maybe an idea to exclude cameras for a while to let the French police do what they're famous for without whiny liberal interference.

I think the truth is the French are very happy to help the boats on their way.

I understood the men yesterday had sticks but also flares/fireworks and the gendarmes retreated and left them to launch their boat. I'm pretty sure the French police are neve rgoing to make much of an effort to stop them leaving - out of sight is out of mind- much better than leaving them to roam around the French beaches in their camps

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The Boats.....

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