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Is There A Pro England Rally Today

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smurfchops | 10:33 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | News
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It's St George's Day.  Did anyone notice??



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plenty me old china....note all the avatars for a start.

Still never miss a chance to try rubbish the place eh?


No, hadn't you heard, it's full of people who hate it. 


P.S. got to go now, there's a local St George's Day event I must attend.

^^^^ another EW

You stalking me canary?

I think I've spotted three new avatars.

It's fairly hotchin...

Saints?...saints?...did ever these so called saints ever exist in the first place?...Nah,methinks not.

I must confess i didn't notice... perhaps we should make st george's day more of an occasion 

The flag of St George is flying quite abundantly where I live. England still lives.

"Some of the protesters came dressed as knights. The smell of alcohol was heavy in the air and many appeared drunk."

what is the protest about? i thought these marches were about marking st. george's day

I very much doubt it. You'll be accused of racism if you do.


Some of the flag-wearing protesters shouted “f*** Palestine” and “they don’t want us to be English”.

Ironically, St George’s mother came from fourth-century Roman Palestine, according to some accounts.

who doesn't want who to be English? what a silly chant. 🤣

Jno, your post could be misconstrued so I think it worth saying that St George's mother was Christian - and Palestine was a very different place in the 4th century.

we know as much about George's mother as we know about the dragon - nothing. It's all just legend

You were content to repeat it as fact though...

naomi, I didn't repeat it as fact - I simply took it from the story that had already been linked to. And even that said only "according to some accounts".

Your "fact" about George's mother is entirely spurious. Did you know that St Helena - the mother of Constantine the Great, and the woman who found the true cross - was the daughter of Old King Cole? "According to some accounts" (and no, I haven't just made that up 👑).

Oh yes, Jno.  I know all about St Helena ....

the story about her finding the true cross is quite plausible, though.


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Is There A Pro England Rally Today

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