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Talk About Bite The Hand That Feeds....

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ToraToraTora | 09:21 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | News
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Ok I get it I get fed up with the grockles in my home town but they do bring a lot of dosh with them to spend!



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It's a cheap holiday for many - if they introduced a substantial tourist tax it might control the numbers. 

Cheap? Don't think so.

I've been to Tenerife and Lanzarote a few times - overall holiday cost seemed very reasonable. 

I'm wondering  what the canary islands economy works on if most of it's customers follow their advice.

Do they export anything?

Bad feeling aparently😀 

It can be a very cheap holiday.  We used to rent an apartment for a month or two every winter in Tenerife, lots of retired people do that for three months to escape the British weather.  Shop at the Spanish supermarkets, butchers and markets and it can be very cheap. 

Reading much of this over the weeks it seems to me they are objecting to being priced out mainly by air B&B using homes that should be residential for holiday lets.

IMHO this practice should be banned - everywhere.

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Talk About Bite The Hand That Feeds....

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