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Sydney Church Stabbing - Priest And Several Others Attacked

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naomi24 | 12:03 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | News
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//The incident comes just days after a man killed six people in a Westfield shopping centre.//



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Thanks Vulcan.  I was just about to post that.

Did you know he's a tik tok star & not too 'woke' it seems;


SYDNEY, April 16 (Reuters) - Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel who was stabbed during a church service live streamed from Sydney on Monday is a social media star with followers around the world, but the bearded clergyman is also a divisive preacher.

Dressed in dark robes, clutching a large cross and sporting a bushy grey beard under a black cowl, Emmanuel's sermons from the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church range from homilies on the Bible to fiery criticisms of homosexuality, COVID vaccinations, Islam and U.S. President Joe Biden's election.

An apo-state... sounds a bit like a narco-state

jno you naughty girl - you knew I wd rise to this ! ( "Oh PP I dont want to vex you but I have just mixed Latin and Greek roots!" stay calm, breathe deeply)

state is from sto ( stare, steti, statum, that one) state -  Spanith estar, German Hier ich stonden- Luther)

“ὀδύνην ναρκοῖ” - Hippocr. let heem deaden the  pain

apostate - histimi - I stand. ( esthsa etc) one of MI verbs, and with a reduplicated or aspirated present stem

and I reckon, since it is a lax period on AB that there is a sanskrit root. Yes there is ! - which mod sneered PP just googles quickly? - nevr mind


स्थल् (sthal, “to stand firm”)

the best etymology is often made up on the spur of the moment...

Rupert Murdoch on "promoting" Frank Giles from editor to editor emeritus at the Sunday Times: "It's Latin. E means he's out and Meritus means he deserves it."

Sorry, naomi, I'm wandering off topic, I'll leave it there.

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Sydney Church Stabbing - Priest And Several Others Attacked

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