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Sunak and Hunt.

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gulliver1 | 11:15 Mon 08th Apr 2024 | News
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Rishi and Jeremy Have taken a pair of bolt cutters to the triple lock rise for State pensioners.By giving them a £692 a year rise for Basic pension with one hand, and taking back £530 with the other hand in Tax. Due to freezing the tax threshold. Hunt could come up with this one.



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My private pension will be reduced because the tax threshold is staying the same. Mrs Clarion is not affected as she doesnt have a private pension.With my state pension, private pension and Mrs Clarions' state pension, our total income is £21k. Because of my private pension, neither of us qualifies for Pension Credit. Our total income is massively below...
13:55 Mon 08th Apr 2024

Depends if you are a higher rate pensioner.

Would have thought a good lefty like you would be glad such people are being clobbered?

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This grinning little Tory Hunt. Is picking pensioners pockets to try and fill the black hole in the Treasury caused by The members of the Con Crony club helping themselves to so much of Taxpayers money.

Gulliver1, you've made your pun, please don't do it again. 

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How are those figures calculated?

Assuming basic rate tax then the most an extra £692 could incur would be £138.40.

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These are the people who have played by the rules over their whole lives paid there taxes, and contributed to society. They expected in their older years that the Government of the day would look after them. Not place even more financial hardship on them in the way of Stealth taxes . how are your figures arrived at?

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These pensioner thought that once young school leavers This stealth tax on state pensioners

^That makes no sense whatsoever.

Gulliver - I have mentioned the following several times before but I will mention it again.

The average person gets far more out of the government via the pension than they ever paid in - to think the government (any government) would keep them in their old age is a tad naive. how are your figures arrived at?

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These state pensioners thought that once school leavers joined the work force at the bottom, that their pension was safe at the top Not so. This stealth tax on state pensioners is to support the 502.000 young people between the age of 16 and 24 who will Not go to work.

//They expected in their older years that the Government of the day would look after them. //

The ones who expect the government to look after them in their older years are the ones who've shirked most of their lives and made no provision to look after themselves. And they get the OAP + many other handouts. how are your figures arrived at?

Did they cover arithmetic is your village school Gulliver?

gully is like the late queen in one respect - "never explain" but he DOES complain!


Perhaps he used Angela Rayners accountant!

I note he uses the old state pension in his example and not the new state pension which goes up by over £900 a year.

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So the Tory motto is Tax the state pensioners to finance the State scroungers. Typical Tory Tactics.

I don't normally indulge in this nonsense but I'll make a rare exception. Perhaps it will help if  ask:

The £692 you quote is the latest increase on the basic "old" State pension (received by those who qualified for the State pension before 6th April 2016). How do you arrive at the conclusion that somebody receiving this increase will see £530 (76.5%) of it clawed back in tax?

Until you can explain that, all the other remarks you post (which are based on that conclusion) are meaningless.

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Sunak and Hunt.

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