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Three Shootings In Clapham

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fender62 | 19:49 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | News
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Far right?

Wait and find out. Otherwise Tora will be dancing.

It'll be gangsta type *** 

A bloke claims to have witnessed a bit of the commotion.

Were they running from the cops?

In Clapham?  South London?  Not drug dealers, surely???

//He claimed two women had been shot, with one injured in the leg. Henry said his friends, who had recently moved to London were "absolutely terrified". He told MyLondon: "My friends have just moved to London. They were absolutely terrified."//

Sometimes it's just better to wait for the real news folk to arrive.

It's getting a bit scary living in the UK these days I was thinking of returning for a holiday ,but I don't think I will, too dangerous.

droogz ?

seems rather obvious to me...

cllapham common used to be where men met and kissed each other. Now they give it to each other in another way

// I was thinking of returning for a holiday, but I don't think I will. //

Nice to end on a positive note.

Gromit 19.54  ..Very positive..

Why would you return to a country you're always taking the whatsit out of gulliver. Wait until 2025, all will be wonderful here when Labour win ... or until 2049 when we  might ask to rejoin EU.

seems to have been an accident. Drugs and criminals quite possibly involved, but an accident none the less.

My Mum had relatives in Clapham in the 1940s. It was probably a nice place then.  She was born in Hounslow in the 1930s and I took her there in the 1980s - she was horrified.  What a dump.  In fact London is a dump these days.

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Three Shootings In Clapham

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