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Cancer Uk

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davebro3 | 15:51 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | News
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TheUK is lagging behind other developed countries in cancer treatment - guy on TV new says "more funds needed for research". Surely if other countries are doing better the research is already in place and just needs to be applied?



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For sure, the immediate issue is testing to catch it early and budget to treat all who need it. But I suspect the NHS aren't finding the resources and something has to give.

I'm not sure funds for research will do much.  There must be trillions floating around the World related in some way to Cancer research.

The NHS however is a different problem and really not helped by massive population growth by those that havnt paid in but are entitled. In addition of course the population is growing faster than the infrastructure as there is no long term plan so Hospitals, GP's, Doctors, Nurses are going to be in short supply. (Along with many other infrastructure stretched to its limits)

Still if the Metrolopitan liberal idealogues are happy then....


lol, I don't know why on earth metropolitan ideologues would be happy, they think the government is trashing the NHS in order to push everyone into paying for private care. It's people like Baroness Mone who are happy.

really not helped by massive population growth by those that havnt paid in but are entitled.

nope: the NHS is run on currently financing - and has not little savings pot or overdraft. you pay in 2024 for what you get in 2024

but you really knew that....

the immediate issue is testing to catch it early

if you can show that early treatment makes a difference. There is also the lead-in time... all this can be estimated and or measured

Cardinal Hume presented with stage IV ca colon. Being treated 30 d earlier made no difference. His eminence MUST have had other signs for at least three years.

A lot of it has to be the lack  of speed in tackling problems while they are  small.  OH has had a lesion on top of his head for a year now. About July he was referred to a specialist at York. End  Dec. we finally went for it to be  inspected (a round trip of 90+ miles) and after 5 mins. we were told he needed a biopsy and were sent home. Mid-Jan we had the appt for a biopsy (York again) which was done. 

On Saturday (24th Feb)he had a letter asking him to come in and 'discuss' the operation which would be needed to remove this (by now) v. large malignant tumour.

Because I am unable to drive now (hip requires urgent op.) I can't get him there.  5 phone calls later I was at last through to a doctor in the dept.  yesterday who happily changed it to a telephone appt. next Monday. He is worried  about how I shall get OH in  for  the op. (which I now find is urgent).

So once they get going -they can  move fast, but it is always 'urgent'....... it's the interminable delays and waits which need tackling first. That  means systems need to be changed.

Many years ago when I was an habitué of the Fulham Road Chelsea, I used to sup with a Doctor/research-scientist from the cancer research centre next door to The Queen's Elm pub, and I remember him saying way back then; " Actually, it's not money we need, it's ideas!"   

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Cancer Uk

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