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Mad Woman Addresses Asylum

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douglas9401 | 08:25 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | News
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There seems to be no limit to her delusional tendencies.



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I noticed she blamed the"establishment"for her fall from grace.Why is it every time a right-wing or left-wing politician is brought down they blame the"establishment"?Like Corbyn,Truss is just another chancer who got lucky.

Well she thinks she's important - even if no one else does.

Same as me Naomi;-)

' "We've enabled Putin by not taking action early enough when he could be stopped," she said." '

I wonder how that went down ...

i sincerely doubt that Truss or any of her champions have a coherent understanding of what "the left" is... most people on the right have absolutely no idea what the left actually consists of or what leftists actually think and rely instead on charicatures... 

truss herself is a thatcherite with precious little idea of what thatcherism is. she ought to spend less time blabbing and a bit more thinking

The word I'd use to describe Liz Truss is "one-dimensional"


She is of course playing to an American audience.

Love her or loath her there is little doubt the Establishment played a big part in her downfall (although she really should have seen it coming) so they could put in place their WEF stooge Sunak.

And maybe we should have stopped Putin earlier, just like we should have done with the little man with an odd tash.

@09.20.Methinks the left wing and the right wing have co-alsced nowadays Untitled.For example,anti-semitism used to be a right-wing trope,nowadays it appears to be a left-wing trope.Strange days in the UK nowadays.

Truss supports indigenous lumps, and visa versa.

Truss and Boris should have been Man and wife.. The nut family...

@15.29 No,Bojo and Wee Burney should be spouses methinks,gulliver.Both have blood on their hands.Hopefully a jail cell awaits both of them.Nationalists,huh.

Aye, delusions of her own importance.

Aye,Sturgeon and Truss,maggie...What a parcel of rogues in a nation....

YNNAFYMMI, you posted the other day, "i have got over my Nicola Sturgeon complex."


Might do when others get over their Bojo fixation,TCL.I will always post about Wee Burney when the need arises.

> I noticed she blamed the"establishment"for her fall from grace.
>> Love her or loath her there is little doubt the Establishment played a big part in her downfall

Most normal people would think that the Prime Minister is part of the establishment, which is how they got to be the Prime Minister in the first place ...

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Mad Woman Addresses Asylum

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