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Yet Another Brexit Disaster – ‘Not For Eu’ Labelling

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Hymie | 18:57 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | News
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Originally only those selling produce to Northern Ireland (that would only be sold in Northern Ireland) would be required labelling ‘Not for EU’.

But now Sunak has done a deal such that all UK producers will be required to label produce ‘Not for EU’, even though they don’t sell anything into Northern Ireland.


So soon our supermarket shelves will be full of British produce, labelled ‘Not for EU’ alongside produce from such places as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy etc with no such labelling.


A recent poll has shown that 20% of UK shoppers would be less likely to buy produce labelled ‘Not for EU’.


As ever my mate Phil gives the lowdown on this latest Brexit disaster:-




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I refer the hon member to my reply @ 08.19. And I commend it to the house!

Can't admit you were wrong can you just like you can't admit you lost the referendum.

Clearly if so, it isn't any Brexit disaster, for which we have yet to find any,  but would be a Sunak disaster. And I suspect most politicians at Westminster would do the same or worse, such is the public's appalling options come every election.

As I've said before on here many times shedman, I didn't vote in the referendum because I didn't think it would make the slightest difference to us ordinary folk whether we were in or out of the EU. I still think that. I'm not trying to win anything. I'm just, like, sayin'. Yer know? 😊

Gramps 18.44 Starmer must be doing something in his favour as The latest poll shows Labour is now on 46% of the voting intention poll ...while the Cons have dropped down to ...20%.

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Yet Another Brexit Disaster – ‘Not For Eu’ Labelling

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