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gulliver1 | 13:35 Sat 17th Feb 2024 | News
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As the dust  begins to settle.  Conservative voters are so angry  disillusioned,and humiliated  after losing two bye bye elections and making them the "Champion by election Losers" since WW2. They Are so desperate they are begging for Boris to replace Sunak as PM ..I think it's a good idea. and make Liz Truss Chancellor at the same time.🤣lol.




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Still avoiding my question to you gulliver on this post.

The question @ 11:22

Spot on again gully. They are scrapping the barrel so hard now to come up with a winning solution the sawdust is piling up at the back of number 10. :0)))

Gulliver, I read your reply.  That's how I know you're telling porkies.

Why did you need to join the Tory party gulliver?  It doesn't ask you to.  webbo3 you should know by know that gulliver doesn't answer questions.  I see his shadow has joined to spout same stuff, it's like gulliver has 2 user names.

Question Author

Naomi 18.12..How dare you accuse me of telling Porkies .

..........Answer removed........

abers it's simple.. Unrequited love for now, we know it hurts...but like all things we need to move on now, the god have sent us the all knowing labour party and money tree's and unions...the strike is solid, fred kite, i'm all right jack, add heap of anti semitism islam, what could possibly go wrong with society on an edge.

They're scrapping the barrel? what are they going to replace it with?

Alan365, /They're scrapping the barrel? what are they going to replace it with?/ things can only get better...more woke, more trans, more taxes for green.. till the pip squeaks, i wont even mention open borders..TAX me till i leave..and that would be a shame for all...iv seen this before, new characters are in the fold.

Have they thought about scraping it instead of scrapping it?

Gulliver, you're a fibber ...   

Gully 💘Boris

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