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A Meaningful Sentence

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douglas9401 | 21:42 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | News
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I'll go first: The law is an ass.

I know how they need to be suspended.



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you mean hung by what you infer from 'suspended'.

I can understand that.

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I think I mean 'hanged', ectyoolee.

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Oh dear

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It's certainly a point of view, davebro3.

No doubt suspended is popular on this thread.

The one in the middle looks evil.

I really can't comprehend how anyone could treat anyone in such a way.

I was going to post this story this afternoon but I thought it would bring out the usual crowd of keyboard warriors.


They're not evil, this was a honour chemical poisoning.

I REALLY wish Enoch's warning had been heeded.

His warning was based on colour...colour is not the problem.

That wouldn't be much of a punishment davebro.

davebro - // I REALLY wish Enoch's warning had been heeded. //

Mr Powell's 'warning' was based on his perception of a 'take-over' by immigrants from the Carribean and West Indies.

Unless niceties of ethnic difference don't actually matter.

since Powell was the health minister who invited West Indians to come and work for the NHS, he's hardly the man to take seriously on such matters

Yet another example of importing backward cultures into our country which have no place in a civilised society.  This will get worse as the invasion continues, helped along by their usual band of useful idiots on the left.

Shameful sentence. 

I want to say something but it might get removed, but I don't care because I just want to say it.

Disgusting pieces of filth.


Savages should be swinging definitley.

Wont say anymore, pointless it will be removed.

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-- answer removed --
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Kumbaya, etc.

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A Meaningful Sentence

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