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Are The Cons About To Break The Record.

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gulliver1 | 10:27 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | News
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If the Cons lose one of tomorrows by-elections it means they have clocked upmore By-election defeats in a single parliament than any Govt  since the 1960s.



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I'd be more worried about the implosion that is occuring in Labour at the moment if I was you me old china.

Question Author

If the Cons lose one of tomorrows by-elections they will break a record, if they lose both of them it will be a sure pointer to them losing the Big one...Oh dear.

Well Labour wont be winning one of them will it?

Who's record will they be breaking?

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Since the 2019 GE ,the Cons have fought and lost eight by-elections .That is eight Signs of the public losing confidence in the Cons.

Yes but what party currently holds the record?

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11,09 ..John Major..

err nope, have another go, surely you have done some research before spouting BS.

How come it's John Major when he didn't come into politics until 1979 and you have put 1960s in your thread.

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These two by-elections  are a referendum on Sunak and his Tory party If reform kick the Tories into third place which could happen it will be a Vote Leave.. for Mr Sunak. And a very short Remain term for the Tories fourth PM .

How about addressing the post at 11:22.

Or is it to difficult?

John Healey said today that Labour are going to block the antisemites from standing for election.  'Bout time.

Candidates for Kingswood:

Sam Bromiley (Conservative), Andrew Brown (Liberal Democrats), Damien Egan (Labour), Lorraine Francis (Green), Rupert Lowe (Reform UK),  Mark Coleman (Independent), Nicholas Wood, (UKIP)

And Wellingborough:

Nick the Flying Brick (Official Monster Raving Loony), Ana Gunn (Liberal Democrat), Ben Habib (Reform), Helen Harrison (Conservative), Ankit Love Jknpp Jay Mala Post-Mortem (no description), Gen Kitchen (Labour), Alex Merola (Britain First), Will Morris (Green), Andre Pyne-Bailey (Independent), Marion Turner-Hawes (no description) and Kev Watts (Independent).

Swing needed for Labour at Kingswood: 11.4%

Swing needed for Labour at Wellinborough: 17.9%

Sunak said yesterday " we are turning the corner" you sure are again, every corner you turn you crash into a By- election.

Still waiting for Gulliver to answer the question at 11:22

Unless Kier and co get serious about getting the jew-haters out of the party, it won't be a by-election you need to worry about, it'll be a bye-bye election.

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Are The Cons About To Break The Record.

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