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Wow, it's only taken you just under 2 years to find this clip - such investigative efficiency is much to be admired.

Cannot stand the little squirt.

I can't see that.  I think I might need a Facebook account - something I don't have.  What's it about?

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Sadiq squirming when questioned about the source of his facts regarding poor people not having cars

I just hit the X top right, turned off the mute, clicked on the vid and it ran.

Just typical Sadiq knowing he has no answer so attacking the questioner.

Even without facts & figures I think it's a fairly good assumption that the poorest people in London don't have cars. If there are 4000 sleeping on the streets I presume they are among the poorest & they don't have cars. The questioner was being obtuse.

(but I don't like Khan)  

Is this it?



What a slimy creep he is.

Mr Khan was caught out, and he did what most people, politicians or not, do when they are embarassed, they go on the attack.

First he tried to deflect the question with a question, that didn't work.

Then he tried to kick it down the road by advising that TfL had the data, and would pass it on, that didn't work either.

So he resorted to open attack, being generally unpleasant and personally offensive, but even that did not work.

I would have liked to see more of the video, to see how it actually panned out.

dunno why he was flummoxed, it's an easy answer. Go down the scale and you reach a level of "poor" ness that does not own a car. QED the poorest don't own cars, he's correct. What I find more disturbing is the mayor of London could not get out of that more readily.

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Here's a member of his team saying the same thing

Don't know why anyone is surprised Labour have always hurt the poor. That's why they love direct taxation, most of it is paid by the poor. They love unions and unions destroy jobs. Labour make everybody poorer.

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